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Types of Adverts used in Media

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English Essay on different types of Adverts used in Media In today's day and age mobile phones have become very popular. Adults as well as kids have them. It's something that half the population have come to rely on and for those that haven't got one would probably, most likely love to have one. Mobile phones have become a fashionable accessory. For many it has also become a modern appearance symbol. Mobile phones have become popular amongst both men and women, young or old, no matter what their job status, or who they are. For some time we have been observing different types of adverts, with different uses of media and different types of techniques used within that media. Whilst doing this i've come to realise a lot about adverts and how colour and other things can affect an advert and people's views on it. The adverts we looked at are Nokia 7650, a Motorola phone and Sony Ericsson T68i. Within all these adverts that we observed, each of them had their own style, their own way of getting the point and use of the phone across. In the advert Nokia 7650 a working lady was shown, she was shown as not very outgoing and a bit boring, however after seeing the phone and a picture on the phone of three men showing their bellies, her face became shocked, her mouth was wide open and she was shown as being speechless. ...read more.


They have also shown a big picture of the phone, showing it's capabilities. Also at the bottom a small image of the phone was being shown and the slogan 'Catch the moment,' was written underneath the picture in bold, explaining the whole use of the phone. The positioning of the Motorola phone was also really good, but I believe that it's set out in such a way that more attention is paid to the lady and the fact that she's having a good time rather than the phone itself and it's uses. Nokia 7650 also had a good positioning, but the character used and the way she had been characterized may have been in such a way that it might not be much noticeable, or even eye catching towards other people. The slogan used in the Nokia 7650 was interesting as it had a use of alliteration, but I think that could have maybe been a bit more bolder, so it would stand out more. The Motorola phone also had a good slogan 'Dancemoto,' as it symbolises the phone and that with the phone all you'd want to do is dance, this maybe because of the ring tones. Audience to me played a big role in the adverts. Each advert had a different character, styled out in a different way. In the first advert Nokia 7650 a lady is being shown as the main character, at first this made me unsure of whether the phone was just represented towards females, but then I realised that ...read more.


The Sony Ericsson, I personally think was the best advert, however that advert also had it's pros and cons, for example a pro was that the advert was simple and straight to the point, as well as the slogan used. However a con was that it was shown to be more towards an audience of males than females. This may not matter to a majority of the audience, although the minority of the audience may take notice to this. Throughout all three adverts, which I have seen, i've noticed that adverts depend a lot on their characters, the characters help define a target group for the product, the characters are also used to represent their product, they also help attract a wide variety of audiences. From what I have seen, I think that adverts and most importantly advertisers need to be a lot more attentive and make sure that on many male and female products such as mobile phones, that both men and women are being used as characters. This is because people have their own interpretation, meaning, view and perspective and might confuse an innocent advert as being sexist. I also think that adverts need to advertise their adverts more differently making it separate from any other, because all I've seen from adverts so far are that they're all saying and showing the same thing, that their phone's are 'The Best,' however whilst advertising this, I think they should advertise their product more and say how and why it is the best. ...read more.

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