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using ICT to communicate

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This is a 1959 English premier league football results table. The page layout for this is a portrait table. For this particular results table, there are not any images; I think this is because it is a results table for a football league. The sizes of the text do not vary apart from the main title of the table which is extra sports. This is because for the main title, the size of the text is bigger then the other little bits like the name of the teams and the number of points each team has etc. There are not any paragraphs as it is a results table for football. In this particular table. The special feature is that of its colour, the mix between dark yellow, light yellow and the black font writing. This is a questionnaire designed for helping you discover more about yourselves. The page layout for this is of the portrait style. For this particular questionnaire table, there are not any images; I think this is because it is again not a very entertaining kind of text. ...read more.


The content in this invoice shows us the account number, the date, the billing period, the address, and then the actual invoice. The page layout for this is of the portrait style. For this particular invoice, there is only one image. That is the company's logo. This is a very simple yet excellent logo or image, it give the company's name and what they do in just this logo. The sizes of the text do vary in this invoice. The main heading for this invoice is the company's logo, and then it goes down to the invoice number and the dates. The size of the texts on this is the same size but it is in a bold style. Moving down the invoice, the size stays the same until the actual 'Invoice' heading comes, this is then enlarged and then also the sizes under this sub heading change, the main headings, which is the first letters of each word in capital and the rest in lowercase letters. These are all the same font thereafter. The font size does change once more when we reach the bottom pf the page, it suddenly goes into a lower size font and the first part is in bold and then thereafter it all stays the same again. ...read more.


This is a web page showing us how to make web pages. It is telling us to use the facilities they are offering us on the website to design the best possible webpage we can. The page layout for this is of the portrait style but also set out in a web style so suitable for website basically. For this particular web page, there are images; such as at the top of the page, there is a women standing with a clipboards in her right hand. She is in a ''thinking'' kind of posture. There is also a many boxes on the left hand side were if hover your mouse over them boxes, then a message of information will appear underneath your mouse arrow telling you what contents are in that category. The sizes of the text do vary in this web page. The main heading for this web page is ''BEST COMPANY SLOGAN HERE...'' this is at the top of the page with sub-headings underneath it such as ''welcome to company website!''. There are not any paragraphs as it is a web page. There are not any special features for this web page as well! ?? ?? ?? ?? UNIT 1 - USING ICT TO COMMUNICATE MITUL MISTRY 1 12HAN ...read more.

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