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Using Technical Symbolic and Written codes, explain how meaning is conveyed in the Renault Clio car advertisement.

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Using Technical Symbolic and Written codes, explain how meaning is conveyed in the Renault Clio car advertisement. Many company's use advertisements to try to persuade the viewer or reader to purchase the product being advertised. A lot of television adverts are very short, some even under thirty seconds, as well crafted texts tend to be very expensive, however this Renault Clio advert is fifty-nine seconds long, as it is more like a narrative. In the Renault Clio advert, the producers have used some original ideas, but have also borrowed some ideas from various other projects, this borrowing and adapting of ideas is called intertextuality. When an idea from a previous film or television program is adapted to another idea it is known as intertextuality. ...read more.


Fans will know when they she Vic, that Bob will not be far behind, and when they see Vic at the wedding, they will probably realise that Bob is in the car. Humour is also used with Vic's funny voices, and also his childish behaviour at the end of the advert as Bob drives away with Nicole. The advert appeals to both men and women, both for different things, men will interpret from the advertisement that the car will attract the women, and women will understand that the car will bring a new life to them, a more exciting life. The camera angles and shots play an important role in this advert. The opening shot shows an unknown woman in a white dress and veil, which the viewers will recognise as a traditional wedding dress. ...read more.


are shown, the viewers do not know who either man is until we get to the church. Then when Bob is seen racing up the stairs the audience will guess that Vic must be the waiting groom and Bob is the best man. But they are in for a surprise when they see Bob banging on the window and they realise that he is in fact Nicole's secret lover and want her off Vic! As Bob wins Nicole and they rush out of the church a clever framed shot shows a wedding picture with the two ahead of a chasing crowd which the audience will find funny. And then again the audience laugh when the two drive away and Vic is left childishly stamping on the flowers the Nicole threw to him, which is ironic as, the tradition says that whoever catches the bouquet that the bride throws will be married next. Chris Pickering, Mrs Grimes 10E6 ...read more.

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