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Using the film text "a clockwork orange"? Examine the effects of media violence and sexual violence on the audience? With particular reference to mass hysteria and moral panic,

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Using the film text "a clockwork orange"? Examine the effects of media violence and sexual violence on the audience? With particular reference to mass hysteria and moral panic, The effects of violence in the media are undoubtedly one of the most controversial topics in current media debates. There is a major media influence in our everyday lives through ideologies and set values with which we use to guide the way we perceive things and control our moral values. The influence of media is constantly scrutinised for the rare and possibly consequential copycat acts. An example of this is the James Bulger case (1994), there was an extreme mass hysteria questioning whether violence in films affected the moral judgment, not just of children but with adults as well. It was feared that there was a general decline in public civility and morality, because of this an explanation was needed It's possible that events such as the murder of James Bulger by the two boys that claimed they got the idea from Childs play, 19911, would not have occurred if such movies did not exist, but if this is so then why are other adults and children not affected? It has not occurred to the media or behaviorists that theoretically if it affects others so easily than it could potential harm themselves The effects model is known as the hypodermic needle, this is because it metaphorically "force-feeds" an active audience, providing them repetitively with ideas and ideologies which are then used in their own every day life; they rely on realism effects in order to provoke the audience into subconsciously relating situations to their own for example stereo types. ...read more.


The main character Alex is a fifteen-year-old boy who is the ringleader of an elite gang, whom he affectionately calls his Droogs. They commit horrifically violent acts whilst remaining disturbingly happy "Alex makes it clear that he has chosen evil as a deliberate act of spiritual freedom in a world of sub-human conformists." (85) When Alex is treated to become sick at the thought of violence, this choice is impossible to make, turning him into "A Clockwork Orange". Or as the prison chaplain says: "When a man ceases to choose, he ceases to be a man." (67 Burgess)."7 The film itself nearly defies the theory proposed by Propp. Propp suggests that the lead character is usually that of a hero of some sort, but in this text the lead character is rather the villain, who doesn't purposefully capture the audiences sympathy but manages to in a subtle and implicit way. He is portrayed as the villain throughout the film and doesn't try to deceive the audience by implying anything else, yet despite his horrific acts and perverse thoughts, he appears to be an ordinary boy who lives with his parents. The only time in which his fetishes become apparent is when he is with his Droogs. The diversity of these two personalities is particularly strange and could even be a mediated reality as Alex uses a dialect with his Droogs, which wasn't uncommon amongst teenagers at the time of the writing of the book. ...read more.


I.e. if there is moderate bad language the film will be classified as a twelve, if there is nudity it will become a twelve, although if there are implications of sexual activity the certification will become a 15. There is also a large political factor as to why there is such violence in films, the need for verisimilitude and escapism, to be part of a bad natured act but not suffer the consequences, this is the struggle for power, this struggle is evident in everything we do and watch through the media from explicit things to political broadcasts and the struggle to become a leader, to implicit things such as films, the act of rape within films may not necessarily be meant as a violent sexual act, but in fact the lust for power. Society today is still described as a sexist society, men have distinct privileges that even after post modernism are still unavailable to women, the media represents women with stereotypical values such as being submissive and male dominancy in a patriarchal culture. This leads men to think of women as objects rather that people and provides them a sense of power. Whether this is true or not, this is the message given through the media. 1 See appendix page one 2 Propaganda - release of media material which is beneficial to the government etc 3 Propp (1895-1970) Character roles and functions 4 Binary oppositions-conflict of opposing terms 5 "Balance" interrupted by chaos 6 Quote Phillip Rayner, Studying the media. 7 Quote John Gardner, media critic 8 Page 40 - A clockwork orange script, film text Bonnie Dobbie 13p Candidate number 6127 Centre number 61203 - 1 - ...read more.

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