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Video design - planning a road safety film.

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Plan for Road Safety Video Clips Content Why it engages/ Interests child Props Duration The theory of (Correct) - * Crossing the road correctly * All of the simple steps to take in order to complete the task of crossing the road safely. * Also, how to cross safely at a set of traffic lights. * Look left, Look right whilst also listening out for any vehicles, then look left again * If you can hear nothing and the road is clear, cross. ...read more.


* Child similar age to the target audience playing with a ball * An everyday road * A adult driving a car * The overall duration of 90 seconds being split up into several different sections e.g. five clips lasting 20 seconds each. The theory of (Wrong) - * Giving an example of a child crossing the road incorrectly, this again repeated at a set of traffic lights. ...read more.


five clips lasting 20 seconds each. * What is the first step you should take when crossing the road? * Is it safe to play with balls near to roads? * What colour was the car in the video? * What colour should traffic lights be before you cross the road? * Should you ever get into a car with a stranger? * Is it safe to listen to music whilst crossing a road? I also plan to include general question about the video in order to test observation skills. ...read more.

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