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Violence In The Media

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How does violence in the media affect the viewers? For many years violence in the media has been a major issue. Some believe that being exposed to violence on television, gaming and other in other media can have a negative impact on the way we think and act regarding violence. In particular the media is said to have a greater impact on children and teenagers. Although there is others who believe that violence is natural and does not affect the audience, various experiments and studies have been done to show what effect the media has on children but the argument is on going. At the beginning of my study on violence I believed that violence did not have any affect on the viewer/listener, but I discovered that in my opinion violence does affect a very few amount of people in a negative way. After researching the case of Nathan Martinez, who became obsessed with hit movie 'Natural Born Killers' which resulted in him killing two family members, acting and dressing in the same way as the ...read more.


However others that believe violence does not have a negative affect on the audience think that games such as 'Grand Theft Auto' are a healthy outlet for any built up anger in that person's life, in particular teenagers. Surely shooting some one virtually is better than shooting some one in real life? Television programme 'Power Rangers' aimed at children aged between age three and eight is considered by many as a bad influence to children. In the programme A group of six friends morph into super heroes and beat up monsters and bad guys, this is considered a bad thing for children to be watching as they are easily influenced at that age, children also might believe that it is a cool thing to do and re-enact. But the opposing argument points out that the television characters only fight supernatural creatures, therefore it would be impossible for the child to be in the same circumstances and act in the same way. ...read more.


Violence is a part of life as we see mostly every night in the news at ten, the news shows us video footage and images from across the world featuring death and fighting. This does not mean it encourages us to be violent, it simply shows us what is happening in the world. Overall, it is hard to determine how violence in the media affects us as every person reacts differently. Also for every argument showing a correlation between violence and acting in a violent manner there is an argument disagreeing. In my opinion many people use violence in the media as excuse for violent behaviour, when really there is an under lying problem. I think the argument deciding if violence and violent behaviour have a relevant correlation will go on for a long time, as it is very hard to prove how some ones brain reacts to violence. Even if the link is proved, banning violence would have many disadvantages, for example we would no longer be able to see what is going on in wars across the world. By Elaina Mowat ...read more.

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