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What do the two chosen adverts say about the Sainsbury's brand?

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What do the two chosen adverts say about the Sainsbury's brand? Advertisements play a key role in our lives today. You could go as far to say they flood our field of vision 24/7, from when we get the bus in the morning to when we watch Television in the evening. Advertising and marketing employees have become increasingly under pressure to come up with the "vehicle" to sell the product. The company I am focusing on in this essay is one, which has often used a common tool in advertising, which is to use a person in the public eye to promote their product or brand image. In the late 1990's Sainsbury's used comedian John Cleese to promote their brand image. But a rethink in the new millennium brought about changes to the image Sainsbury's wanted to project to their customers. ...read more.


Quick and convenient to prepare. The "Ruby Murry" advert puts forward many other contempory values such as socialising with friends and eating good food. Having Jamie Oliver cook Sainsbury's products also creates a positive impression to the audience. The scene in the advert creates a cosy atmosphere. Jamie Oliver further draws in the audience. With his flash stylish movements in the kitchen, making cooking look fun. The slow motion camera shots and music all add to give it as very fresh modern feel. The Jamie Oliver advertising campaign is now aimed at "making life taste better" rather than the older slogan "value to shout about". Making life taste better sounds like Sainsbury's can help you make your life better. So Sainsbury's are promoting a good lifestyle as well as good food. ...read more.


This advert in association with the other one promotes a good social life, a good family life and good food. The advantages of having a chef promote your food are obvious. There is a certain amount of trust that the consumers have with the brand. Jamie Oliver is a well-respected person, who the public are familiar with. However his lifestyle, bank balance and culinary skills are envied by many, which can make him a target for abuse, something which could damage the Sainsbury's brand in the long run. In general Jamie Oliver consists of many positive characteristics that Sainsbury's would want to be twined with. He appears to have high family and social values. He is settled with a wife and a daughter, and has a squeaky clean public profile. Almost too good to be true. These adverts represent the new Sainsbury's. Fresh, young and searching for something more than just good food. Myles Rohm 28/04/2007 Sainsbury's ...read more.

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