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What techniques are used in Shrek 2 trailer to attract its target audience?

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What techniques are used in Shrek 2 trailer to attract its target audience? For this piece of coursework I will be evaluating the Technique that is used in the movie trailer of "Shrek 2" to attract its target audience. The trailers are ways of launching a new film into market place.Tralier are mainly used for advertising. They contain short clip from the feature film which attract the target audience. The trailer is usually 2 to 3 minutes. Trailer are short because they are only effective for only short period of time as it losses impact. The main jobs of film trailer advertising to show the story in short and persuade the audience to buy film. From the trailer the audience are able to tell what genre (comedy, action, horror, and thriller) and the narrative of film is. From the trailer audience will know who is star of the film are who is the director of film. ...read more.


The film has a large intake of digital animation, and has a long list of different animating techniques. Shrek 2 is a computer animated film. The Shrek 2 trailer use various technique to target it audience. One of the techniques used in "Shrek 2" trailer is camera angel. Good camera angel is very import ant in any films to attract their target audience. Camera makes audience to view the film from different angel camera shot can make audience to look close-up view of someone or something. Shrek 2 have eye catching colour that will attract most of children. "Shrek 2" film trailer highly concentrates on children due to the mixtures of colours and the cartoon characters, it also focus on young adults and adults themselves due to the hummer and animation with star voice throw out the hole movie. The opening of the trailer immediately catches the audience eye as the camera focuses on the words "Far Far Away" which sit on amounting top, as Shrek, Fiona and Donkey travel by a horse drawn carriage for 700 miles to reach the kingdom of princess Fiona parents . ...read more.


Some scenes in the film were aimed at a specific target audience. For example, the scene where Fairy Godmother makes a performance on the stage and is wearing a red dress and lies down on the piano. There were some scenes that were suitable for kids to watch. For example, the scene where Shrek and other characters found out that Pinocchio wears a thong. Overall, I think the Shrek 2 trailer was persuasive and effective because it has influenced millions of other children and adult across the world to go and watch or buy the film. This was achieved by the producers using a lot of clever and innovative camera shots, sound effects e.g. shots of action and humour. These were sufficient to make people feel and think that this was going to be a great and entertaining film. The trailer had a lot of unique selling point e.g. the actors, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers and John. These actors are very famous and the best in their field. This is another strong selling point of the film. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name - Sujan Thapa Teacher - J cater ...read more.

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