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What Types of Male Characteristics Are Demonstrated By the Levi 501 Male 'Heroes' in the Campaign 1984-1990?

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GCSE MEDIA ASSIGNMENT LEVI 501 ADVERTS What Types of Male Characteristics Are Demonstrated By the Levi 501 Male 'Heroes' in the Campaign 1984-1990? Levi's began to manufacture jeans around the 1870s, and jeans were originally working men's clothing, before they were associated with cowboys and the idea of freedom. During the 1950s people aged 13 - 19 became known as teenagers, prior to this people were all either children or adults. Jeans became popular clothes for teenagers because they were seen as a sign of rebellion against parents and authority. During the early 80s, jeans suddenly became unfashionable. So in the mid 80s Levi's hired a highly successful advertising company called Bartle, Bogle & Hegarty, who with a series of adverts turned around the situation, resulting in the sales of Levi's jeans rising 4 fold. The adverts in the campaign display certain types of male characteristics by the Levi 501 Male 'Heroes', such as his looks, success with women, power, rebellion, how he treats others and how him is also treated. Advertisement 66 (bath) features a young man in a New York City apartment who wears the jeans. The man like most of the other heroes is what could be described as good-looking, very tanned, and at the start wearing just boxer shorts. Seeing a good-looking healthy man wearing the jeans would convince many teenagers to wear them. ...read more.


When he pulls off his jeans the underwear that he is wearing is snow white. This is a sharp contrast with his jeans and tanned skin. After taking off his clothes, he puts them into a washing machine, before tipping a bag of stones into the machine with them. He then turns and sits down next to a much larger man, who wears boring clothes and doesn't stand out like the young man wearing the jeans. The man has an almost disapproving look upon his face, this represents one of the ways he's treated by others. At the very end of the advert the young man who stripped begins to read a newspaper, which is an everyday act, which is showing how the man doesn't feel like him stripping is anything out of the ordinary, indicating confidence and boldness. The key sound in this advert is the music played throughout "Heard it on the grapevine," which is how gossip is often referred to and suggests that the man is something to gossip about, and somebody that is talked about. For young people, again they see somebody good looking wearing jeans, and in this advert the man wearing the jeans is admired by others, looks confident and stands out. Many people seeing this would believe that the jeans would make them stand out like that young man and purchase Levi's jeans. ...read more.


It was almost as if they had a wordless conversation, the man stripping to attract the woman to him, while she looks on, and him nodding to her to get into the car with him. The song backs up these actions strongly. The Aston "separates the men from the boys" is displayed at the end of this advert. I think that this is shown in several ways in the advert. They are trying to show that the man who has his woman taken away from him by a much more good-looking man is a boy, whereas the other is a man (Levi hero). Also the jeans are tied between the two vehicles, they are literally separating the men from the boys. This catchphrase indicates to the audience that you are more of a man if you choose to wear Levi's. Throughout these adverts the Levi heroes are all good-looking, the woman are usually fairly attractive also. They all appear to have confidence, such as the young man who strips in the laundrette. Also others always admire the men that are wearing the Levi's for their jeans, and they always get the woman, as opposed to the men who aren't wearing Levi's, which in one advert one man got his woman taken away. Overall there is the interpretation of people that wear Levi's being better looking, admired by others, and being attractive to others. This would convince many people to purchase the jeans. ...read more.

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