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Which advertisement is most effective in attracting you to the destination, and why?

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Media Coursework Which advertisement is most effective in attracting you to the destination, and why? The advertisement for Jersey is made to look modern and reminds you of a sunny, clear and empty beach. The advert has four paragraphs; the first describes the island and its scenery, the second describes the food, the third tells you that there's always something exciting for one person or a whole family to do and the fourth paragraph gives details about how to contact the travel agency. There is also a title in front of the first two paragraphs, which is a mixture of French and English, the first one says, "Say magnifique" and is a title for the paragraph describing the island and its scenery, so the title means the landscape and scenery of Jersey are magnificent. The second says, "Say superbe" and is a title for the paragraph describing the food in Jersey, so the title means that the food and restaurants in Jersey are superb. ...read more.


The advert persuades you to visit Jersey because it is safe for families with children, has spectacular landscapes and beautiful scenery, and superb fresh food; so it has virtually everything for a relaxing holiday and you won't get bored. The advert for the West of Ireland describes many activities on offer using persuasive words such as 'dramatic', 'ideal' and 'world-class'. It describes the town of Galway as "modern but mediaeval" meaning that the people and culture are modern but the town and its architecture are mediaeval and has a lot of history. It also mentions the oyster festival, which probably involves music, dancing and seafood, mainly oysters, and saying that it is famous implies that it is a very good festival. It describes many different areas of western Ireland and the main attraction in most of these areas is fishing which is mostly appealing to the older people. Ireland is famous for the friendly people, fishing and inspiring scenery, which holds a lot of character and the activities on offer are quiet activities that are very appealing for older and middle class people and those who also have a keen interest in golf. ...read more.


It has a picture of mountains and trees, which is very beautiful but also very gloomy; it also has a big title, which is like a slogan. It includes a miniature map of Ireland in which the West of Ireland is highlighted, maybe to reassure those people who don't know much about Ireland that there is no IRA presence in those parts. The sentences are quite long and get straight to the point, they do not describe the landscape and scenery in detail. I preferred the advert for Jersey because it has persuaded me that it is a place where there are clear beaches, sunny weather and that it has good food. I also like Jersey because it has beautiful and relaxing scenery, spectacular landscapes and there are many exciting activities on offer. I prefer Jersey instead of the West of Ireland because the activities on offer in Ireland are quiet and slow and are aimed at older people. Ireland also doesn't have the sunny weather that Jersey has and therefore won't be as relaxing for me. 1 of 2 01/05/2007 ...read more.

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