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Which sources of knowledge - books, web sites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other - do you consider most trustworthy and why?

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Which sources of knowledge - books, web sites, the media, personal experience, authorities or some other - do you consider most trustworthy and why? There are many sources of knowledge that give us useful information. A variety is important because every human could choose an acceptable source, which he considers to be the best for him and which doesn't require lots of money and waste of time. Some sources are very useful nowadays, some of them are old-fashioned. It depends on each person which source is more acceptable to him. In this essay I'm going to tell my opinion about five sources which are being used quite often nowadays in the whole world. The first source of knowledge I think is a book. Here you can find facts of historical events, reports of scientific works, tips how to create better life, experience of the author etc .In fiction you can loose oneself, to have an adventure with the heroes of that book. Very often books reflect us the society situation at that time, when they have been written. By reading a book younger generation can be aware of the life of their ancients. But very often not only reliable information is written there. ...read more.


Moreover I have seen a report of TV where our principal's words were a bit changed. Is that a reliable information? It is very bad that propaganda is used in the media and the journalists only want to make a sensational article by giving not real facts. By the way there are many problems that the media can cause. If the man allows some articles to influence his life then he can become dependent of the media. For example nowadays many young girls read magazines for teenagers. Almost in everyone magazine we can find the articles about diets, models and how to loose your weight. When girls read them very often they began reaching a stereotype of their weight and the outcome of this can be such diseases like anorexia or bulimia. That's why the media is quite dangerous. The most modern source of knowledge is an internet or web sites. It is really very useful thing in order to communicate with other people, to play games or to find some information. But I don't think it is a good source to find important and trustworthy material. How can you be sure that this information is real? This source is very similar to the media. ...read more.


I like to listen my friends opinion about my behavior but their words don't affect me so much. In my life I'm trying to avoid mistakes I have ever made before. And to use some ethers stories about the experience of their life if it is suitable for me. Personal experience seems to me to be the most trustworthy source of knowledge. In conclusion I can say that human has his own opinion about the reliable and unreliable sources of knowledge. I think that the most trustworthy clue for the majority of people their or their relatives' personal experience. Only by it everybody can afford to avoid mistakes and to worn their friends if they are doing something wrong. Every human learns from the mistakes he has ever made. There isn't such a man who is perfect and who never errs on the side of what he does. Mistake is a way of learning how to make our lives easier and better and the experience is a clue to avoid mistake. These two things always help us to reveal the real beauty of the life. If other sources mislead you, you blame them but if your experience- you blame only yourself. I use books internet and the media for entertainment or to spend my leisure time , authorities- to take some useful tips and personal experience to rule my life as I want. Ruta Jonu´┐Żaite IB1 ...read more.

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