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Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much Attention in 1888?

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Kathleen On 27.06.2004 Why did the Whitechapel Murders attract so much Attention in 1888? The Whitechapel murders attracted a lot of attention in 1888 for a variety of reasons. These include the media's exploitation and the explicit details they would tell the public. The newspapers and journalists were the main cause of hysteria. The media exploited the murders with exaggeration to gain the public's interest. This would sell their papers and they would gain profit from it. This would give journalists' power over the public. Manipulating their power gave them control over the public's thoughts and emotions. The gruesome mutilations lured the public into getting more involved with the hype, but this also caused people to become frightened and paranoid that they were to be the next victim of 'Jack the Ripper'. ...read more.


and Francis Tumblety. All of these suspects had to have a motive. The police had to follow up every lead and later on we found that most the people who despised prostitutes were accused. The police found the murderer particularly hard to find because there was so many people that fitted into the criteria and forensic science had not yet been discovered. Also, it was seemed to be normal for someone to be walking around with blood on them as this area contained a lot of butchers and would slaughter animals. They couldn't tell the difference between human and animal blood. The area of which these murders took place was Whitechapel. Whitechapel was seen to be a very dirty and poverty stricken place and not a good place to live, or to even visit. ...read more.


People wouldn't know what to do either, how can they protect themselves when they don't know who to look out for? Easy answer, they can't. They had to live out their normal routine and hope for the best. The letters received from 'Jack the Ripper' caused great concern as well; newspapers and the police had received thousands of them. Most of them being a hoax. The type of murders these were caused great curiosity in the public. Mutilations were quite new to the public and were shocking. This was publicised by the papers to make them more horrific and to gain a reaction from the public. Of course, this worked. The type of murder this was caused rumours to spiral and more exaggeration to be made. In conclusion, the main cause of the Whitechapel murders attracting a lot of attention was because of the media and its exploitation. The papers got their desired affect and gained a lot of interest. ...read more.

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