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Why have the Glasgow University Media Group been criticised so vehemently? Are they fundamentally flawed? Discuss with relevant criticisms.

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Why have the Glasgow University Media Group been criticised so vehemently? Are they fundamentally flawed? Discuss with relevant criticisms. The Media Unit is a research based grouping of academics within the sociology department of Glasgow University. Much of its work is published under the name Glasgow Media Group, (aka Glasgow University Media Group). The Group consists mostly of people who have worked in the unit at Glasgow University, plus broadcasters and others who have published within the GUMG. ...read more.


The GUMG produced a series of seminal studies back in the 1970's and early 80's in which they produced some of the most heavily researched accusations of bias within the ranks of television news. Broadcast media in Britain are legally required to be politically impartial i.e. broadcasters cannot express a point of view on major matters but in a linked phrase, have to make balanced reports. ...read more.


They employed content analysis involving hundreds of hours of recorded news broadcasts, focused mostly upon industrial items such as strikes. They argue that the news consistently favours the interpretations of the already powerful. This is because journalists share assumptions about the real world which are rarely seriously questioned, such as the view that strikes are harmful and disruptive, the news therefore does not according to the GUMG show 'due impartiality' but relied upon certain class-related presuppositions or 'points of view'. ...read more.

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