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why people watch comedy

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´╗┐The first reason why people watch comedy movies is because they want to be entertained. Recipients like to do be entertained because they want to relax and try to escape from reality. A lot of people have a stressful life, and they need time to rest and to calm down. SO, they try to escape from their hectic life by watching amusing stories. For instance, a stressed worker can feel better while and after watching a humorous movie e.g. the Simpsons Movie because the content is easy to understand and funny. A reason why it may be easy to understand is because of its simple structure and less complex information. ...read more.


Comedy movies offer just this kind of content. These movies can entertain one if one feels bored because of the predictable and simple story. The story is obvious because producers use predefined characters and actions, similar in many comedy movies, for their stories. This type of content is what you can see, for example, in the comedy movie Freaky Friday. This movie presents a predictable story by using an ordinary story which exists in a lot other comedy movies. This story is about two persons who chance their bodies and thus find themselves in another body. In the movie Freaky Friday almost all action are similar to other movies like an older women fells great in a younger body. ...read more.


As a result of watching this film, people can broaden their level of knowledge and talk more about issues with other people. An additional reason why people watch movies to be informed is the search for orientation and advises in their lives. Some comedy movies, for instance romantic comedies, present that information by showing some kind of interpersonal problems and their resolution. An example of this type of film is the movie Bridget Jones Diary. The main character here, Bridget Jones, picks up courage after a depressive time in her life by setting new goals in her life. Her story can help other depressed women realize that they, too, can have options in their lives. The reasons why people want to see comedy movies are the wish to be entertained and also to be informed about something. These are the main motives for recipients to watch funny movies. ...read more.

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