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Word Processing Assignment

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http://www.staffs.ac.uk/schools/business/bsadmin/staff/s5/mscproj/rules.html Word Processing Assignment 1. You have a copy of a report produced by the tourism section of your company. 2. Copy the file "italy" to your workspace, the file is located on the floppy disk , the file is labelled "italy". 3. You are required to make alterations to this file by following the instructions given. Note that the finished document may only use 1 font. 4. Add the following text to the end of the text in the file. Off the beaten track As well as the most popular destinations we specialise in the less well-known treasures of Italy. Away from the famous cities, the Italian destinations featured on Italy Heaven include the walkers' paradise of the Cinque Terre and the ancient Greek city of Syracuse (modern Siracusa) in Sicily. ...read more.


> Italy books and films If you travel to Italy without a decent guidebook, you will run the risk of missing important tourist experiences and attractions, and will probably waste a considerable amount of time attempting to research opening times and travel arrangements. The best guidebooks don't just help with the practicalities of visiting major sights, they also provide good advice on more obscure places of interest, restaurants, and transport. If you're looking for a budget option, there are plenty of affordable guidebooks. If you really don't want to spend the money, your local library probably has a selection of guides you can borrow. It's also a good idea to photocopy essential pages, or print off website pages, to save carrying a heavy volume around with you. ...read more.


11. A print of the final document must be produced. 12. Save the document on the with the file name "italy" 13. Revise the document by making it into a brochure for publication. 14. Across the top of the text beginning "After being negatively...." Insert a header "Tourism report" to cover the whole of the text. 15. The text "Off the beaten track" should begin on a new page. 16. Insert pictures of Syracuse and Assisi in the places where they are referred to. The text must flow round the pictures. 17. The information should fill a complete page. 18. The remaining information should also be expanded to fill a complete page by increasing the size of the city pictures. 19. Print the document and save it with the file name "Italy brochure." ?? ?? ?? ?? City College Manchester Pre Masters Programme 1 W.C.Bewick 09/05/2007 ...read more.

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