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Wrigley's chew......Does it appeal to you?Are you fuddy......With your chuddy?

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Wrigley's chew... ...Does it appeal to you? Are you fuddy... ...With your chuddy? A big part of the packaging of a product is the lexis and graphology that's used to persuade the audience to buy it. I have been looking at Wrigley's Orbit Professional White Peppermint Sugarfree Gum. So how does it appeal to the oncoming customer when it is such small packaging? Well, this is a good example of how something so small can have so much to say. The layout of the text plus the image is done in a way to grab the attention of customers. We can firstly see that 'Orbit' is in the standard text that is used with all Orbit products; as this is so well known, when the customer sees that as the first thing, they know it is this 'big' product, one that a customer could trust. ...read more.


The wording here attracts people because it says what people want. The actual text colour is white, which is a hidden ploy because the whitening of the text next to the bold red background is obvious and the colour white is what this chewing gum is saying it will do for your teeth. Wherever the packet talks about 'white', there is an image is a white star as though to make the words gleam like your teeth would gleam if one used this product. And again there is a star coming from behind an image of a tooth, thus making the tooth gleam and this has been placed with the text 'whitens teeth' which is appropriate. The banner that cuts the top left corner again has a red background with white text. ...read more.


This one for example is a box which is not very deep at all. The designers have to think about the design and how it will be placed in the shop. The main lexis which the designer obviously thinks is the most important is 'Orbit Professional White' because this is repeated from the main face of the box on the thin side of the box, because often when this type of size of box is packaged in the shops, the face is usually covered because they're in stacks and you can only see the thin side of the box, the lexis they have chosen would grab the customers attention so that they will then pick it up and be able to read everything on the face of the box which has a more attractive layout and some more important lexis. All these thoughts into the grammar, phonology, graphology and lexis, is to make the product more attractive to the customer and therefore persuade the customer to buy the product. ...read more.

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