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Write about two adverts which promote the same type of product but which look dissimilar from each other

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Aim Write about two adverts which promote the same type of product but which look dissimilar from each other. Introduction Before looking at the two mobile phone adverts, Nokia and Siemens. I will look at advertising in general. I am going to scrutinize closely at the way advertisers endeavour their Products at certain audiences. The audiences mainly targeted are little children, teenagers', ambitious men, adult women, couples and prosperous older women. Advertisements are used to increase the sale of a product and so choosing the right time to show a commercial is vital. A company won't show an advert aimed at children late at night, when they know their target audience won't be watching. Children's products are usually shown in the morning and in the early afternoon and products for adults are shown later on. ...read more.


This is trying to tell us that the mobile phone is the most important part of a women's life, more important than the keys and the lipstick. The slogan, which is TRULY YOURS, has two meanings to it, one, meaning the mobile phone, is truly individual and the other, meaning the phone, is truly yours. The colours consist of lots of silver. This makes it targeted at smart, sharp and sophisticated women. The Nokia audience would identify the advertisement because it sells a lifestyle. The audience are all familiar with the objects in the advert. An image of the audience comes across in the advertisement; if they fit this lifestyle/image or want to fit this image they will go and purchase the mobile phone. Siemens The Siemens advert is full of bright colours, which is associated with fun and joy. ...read more.


Conclusion Looking at the two mobile phone adverts, I could say that they are designed for different people. The Nokia advert was designed for older and sophisticated women and the Siemens advert was designed for young, fun loving people. In Conclusion the Nokia and Siemens adverts both use images and graphics to attract the attention of their audience. Both adverts speak directly to their target audience in both adverts witty words and slogans are short, snappy and easy to remember. These are contracted with memorable pictures. As you can see from the essay that the adverts don't only sell their products but they are selling a dream a lifestyle. this shows how important advertisement is. Both adverts stand out and attract the groups interested advertising is an inescapable part of everyday life. Advertising speeds up the introduction of new inventions and advance technology. GCSE English Coursework (Media) Ahsan Ahmed 10.4 Candidate Number 9065 ...read more.

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