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Write an article for a newspaper where you argue the case that celebrities' private lives should remain private.

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Lacy Beare Write an article for a newspaper where you argue the case that celebrities' private lives should remain private In this article I am going to argue for and against the case that celebrities private lives should remain private. Firstly what is a celebrity? Where do they come from? The Media, them people who lurk with cameras, knowing where a celebrity is 24/7 and watching every move they make. Some celebrity's use the media to reach the status that they want to be at, some people think that if this is the case then they should accept and put up with all the media attention. Some examples of this is when Jordan put herself on the internet and exposed herself to world while giving birth to her son, reality TV shows including Big ...read more.


Maybe Michael Jackson has the right idea, to protect the identities of his children; otherwise they will never be able to stand alone without the celebrity label, never able to achieve something worthwhile, get credit for it and get their own status because they will always be labelled as "Michael Jackson's Son/daughter". This film doesn't last forever, fashions change people move on, but celebrities never got the chance to move on, they have reputations to keep up. They rarely get credit for good things they achieve, but they can make the slightest mistake and it's splashed across the newspapers, many companies and "normal people" who live off these silly mistakes would be out of business if they didn't happen. ...read more.


Many people can't have conversations without discussing who's marrying who in the latest episode of Eastenders or what style is David Beckham's hair going to be next. To conclude, it's true to say that sometimes the media can go too far, going through people's bins and taping phones conversations just to get an expensive piece of gossip, is bringing down the stylish appeal of the "fame Game". Most of these people work hard to get where they are, just to be brought back down by lies and rumours, for example John Lesley lost his job after being wrongly accused of rape, JLo and Ben Afflek cancelled their wedding after the media became a 3rd person in their relationship, and even the royal family are under constant scrutiny even though they themselves didn't actually choose the life they have to lead. ...read more.

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