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Writing a commentary of your charity advert.

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Writing a commentary of your charity advert My charity advert is for children addicted to computer games. At first I thought of sensible ideas like heart disease or cancer but then I thought why don't I do something wacky. Once I thought of the idea all these things started flowing through my brain. The audience for my advert is parents and old people. This is because if you were a parent and you had children then you would think I don't want my child to turn out like that. So they would give money to the charity so that other parents can get help before it is too late. ...read more.


The purpose of the advert is for people to donate money to help needy kids. I hope that the reader will see the picture of brain playing computer games first and think that it is funny. Then they would go on to read the advert to find out how serious the matter is and how they should donate. The brain makes the advert look interesting because it is eye catching. I hope that the reader will find it funny but I also hope they would understand why I have chosen that picture. I have written the heading 'IS THIS YOUR CHILD? ...read more.


They would start thinking what if it happened to the woman next doors child. She would want some support. They would also be thankful that it is not their child but they would still like to help. When I showed the advert to my friends and family they thought the brain idea was good. They also liked the way I used big words. If it was a real advert I think that people would find the advert comic. Maybe they might think that it is a joke at first so that would make them read it. Then when they read on they would realise the seriousness of the advert and how we need help ...read more.

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