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Writing a comparison of two adverts

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Writing a comparison of two adverts Advertising is a way of publicizing a product that you want to sell. There are many of different things to advertise, such as clothes, shoes, cars, watches etc. Advertising promotes the latest goods that are out in the shops. Advertising effects me everyday because every time I see a advertisement it attracts me to the product and I think about buying it or saving up to buy it. In this assignment, I will be talking about two different car advertisements; one car advertisement, the Fiat Stilo advert comes from FHM magazine, a publication aimed at young men aged sixteen and over. The other car, the Rover Streetwise advert comes from the Radio Times which is aimed at people aged forty and over. When I first saw the Fiat Stilo advert I didn't like it much because I found it offensive towards women. It had a picture of a woman holding a bottle of fizz and next to the picture was a quote saying "your date might want to take a doggy-glass of her favourite fizz home with her. Wow her as you unveil the Stilo Abarth's dynamic non-spring action cup holders" this quote to me is implying women always make a mess, which I find offensive. ...read more.


If I was a guy reading this FHM magazine and I saw this advert, the first thing I would think of is "if I buy this car the females would be after me". I didn't like the colours used in this advertisement they were not nice, such as purple, pink etc very seventies colours. I think that the reason for the advertisers using the "seventies look" is because it gives the cool fashion image. Though the advert is mainly aimed at males and not females I wouldn't buy this car, firstly because Fiat is not a good quality car and secondly the way the car is designed isn't attractive. This advert is aimed at young boys aged seventeen and over the reason for this is because the car is cheap and some young teenage boys may be able to afford this car. I think this advert is poorly made because it gives very little information about the car which would indicate it doesn't have much features, the only feature this advert mentions is a cup holder. They layout of the Rover advert is different from the layout of the Fiat advert, the Rover advert uses solid colours and more pictures it also gives more information about the car and ...read more.


Show them that being stylish isn't tantamount to being shallow and place upturned copy of Whale Lovers weekly on the front seat." Now if I was to break this quote down its telling me that if I buy the Fiat I would be elite, high class, sexy and unique this doesn't really catch my attention because its not something I think that's most important about a car, I've done some of my own research and I found out that the majority of people will look to see if a car is strong, good quality and useful. In conclusion I have learned that different marketing tools and images are used accordingly for different populations. The Fiat advert didn't work on me, neither did it work on some young teenage boys which I showed the advert to and got their opinions on the reason for this is because there is no useful information about the car it only speaks of sex, looks etc. However the Rover did catch my attention a little bit, though I don't like Rovers I would consider buying the car because of how useful and strong it looks and sounds. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zahra Hassan ...read more.

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