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Writing an analysis of a charity advert.

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Writing an analysis of a charity advert The charity which I am analysing is called the teenage cancer trust. At the top of the pave there is a 'teenage' girl who has no hair holding lipstick and looking in the mirror. Then it has a headline saying' Keeping up appearances is important even for a teenage girl with cancer'. Then you have a few short paragraphs telling us about the charity. I think that the advert is aimed at parents. I think that this is because you would wonder as a parent what if that was my child and they had to have cancer I would like as much help as I could get. ...read more.


When you think of cancer you think of adults and young children getting cancer not teenagers. When you watch programmes on television you always see little children or adults so everyone forgets about the teenagers. I think that the advert has hit the target audience but also other people as well. I think teenagers who are over 16 and have the money then they would donate. I think that this is because they would relate to then seen as they are teenagers as well and also the advert does not say how much you need to donate. By seeing the picture it intrigues you to read more to find out what the advert is about. ...read more.


The charity does ask for donations at the end of the advert. It says 'Please give as generously as you can. And help us look cancer straight in the face' There are six paragraphs which are all short. All of the sentences are important. The only words that are repeated more than once are teenage cancer trust. From what I can see there is no emotive language. The only thing that makes you sad is when they talk about teenage cancer in general. I don't think that any of the words are chatty. I think that the sentences are short and sweet None of the sentences start with an and or but The only idioms which are used are and, and but. ...read more.

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