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Writing To Entertain - Commentary

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Writing To Entertain - Commentary The piece entitled 'Let's Talk About Sex...' is a piece written to simply entertain its audience. The text is in no way formal or serious, as it is written for a men's magazine and deals with modern issues in a modern way. The readers of this text are intended to be predominantly male between the ages of 16 and 35. The ideal reader of this text would be a stereotypical man who is looking for a light read during his lunch break at the office. The text itself is very euphoric, and arouses many emotions in the reader as he/she progresses through the article. For example, sympathy arises within the reader when they read the opening paragraph ("Tuesday, and I pace up and down the bar of my...."). Sympathy is created here as the audience can relate to what the author is experiencing, there is no one I can think of who hasn't been set a task of which they do not know how to complete. ...read more.


Frameworking was especially important to consider whilst writing this text. The lexis used could not be complicated, as the target audience would not appreciate confusing words, which they may or may not understand. The use of much hyperbole was implemented to keep the excitement flowing, thus entertaining the audience further. You can see the use of hyperbole in the sentence, "With sheer determination, and the risk of handing in my coursework late, I give a mighty roar and run into the abyss." Semantics and Pragmatics were also used throughout the text. For example, in the sentence that I described above ("With sheer determination, and the risk..."), the obvious meaning is that I actually roared and ran into a smoke filled field of battle. The harsh reality of this is that I was actually telling myself to ignore the stigma's attached to online dating, but the pragmatics of the sentence keep the article witty and humorous, which in my opinion are key aspects of writing to entertain. ...read more.


"Washing up needs doing you lazy arse!". Irony is used to get the audience to sympathise with what I was going through at the time. Everybody knows that when you type something as simple as 'Online Dating Agencies' into google.com, you're going to get millions of results. But by ignoring this fact and doing it anyway, I could develop irony and make the reader of the text scream out aloud "you should of known that was going to happen!". I have many hopes for this piece of writing. Firstly, I obviously hope it gets me a good grade, but I also hope that it achieves its aim; to entertain, without being superficial. Unfortunately, due to a series of nasty illnesses on my part and some mix-ups with teachers, I was unable to accompany this text with the graphology I had planned due to time constraints. I had planned to set this article into a replica of a page in the best selling (and one of my personal favourites) men's magazine; FHM. Despite this, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece, and hope you have had as much pleasure in reading it. ...read more.

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