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Yr 11 Media Studies- Discuss the Representation of Youths in Contrasting films.

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ROHIMA AKHTER MEDIA COURSEWORK Yr 11 Media Studies- Discuss the Representation of Youths in Contrasting films. All media text contain messages. These can be positive or negative. A positive message is a true-to-life representation, where individuals and groups are given a positive image. A negative message is a untrue and exaggerated stereotype, often see the individual or group from a poor perspective. An example of a positive message demonstrated by media text is the speech given by Tony Blair during the suicide bomb attack on London on Thursday 7th June 05. This message can be seen as positive because in this speech the media text illustrates to the viewers that Britain will not be defeated by terrorism. Other messages can also be formed by media text which may be to do with family, friends, life, ect. These messages are very important because it controls the viewers. The media presents these messages through the use of representation. This is the process through which aspects of the real world are reconstructed through media text and most commonly the construction of particular individuals or social groups, such as gender, age, sexuality, race, religion, disability and class. ...read more.


The music of the two films show a huge contrast. In 10 Things I Hate About You the music is upbeat with pop/rock sounds. This is typical of the setting and time period of the film. When Bianca appears on screen the non-diegetic music played is pop to connotate that she is popular and innocent but when Kat appears on screen the music played is rock to connotate that she is a rebel, this shows a huge difference between the two sisters. In Stand By Me at the beginning, the theme song is played. It is very calm and peaceful and it shares the name of the film and mirrors the tale of friendship. When the four youths are out on the journey happy cheery music is played. This is typical of America in 1950/60. The families of both films are also very different. In 10 Things I Hate About You the two sisters don't get on with each other and throughout the film we see them constantly arguing. They have a strict father who is over protective of his daughters because he had a terrible past experience, where his wife left him for another man and feels like he's daughters are also going to leave him. ...read more.


The ending of 10 Things I Hate About You is very positive and lively as is all teenage films. Bianca and Kat understand what they actually want and so they fulfil their desires. But the ending of Stand By Me is very sombre as Chris is killed which is first viewed in the beginning. The viewers feel a sense of regret and devastation at Chris' death, Gordy gets his one sense of happiness when he gets his own loving family which he never had when he was a young boy. The message that was in 10 Things I Hate About You was that it represents youth and if you dream for something long enough then one day your dreams will truly become reality. The message that can be found in Stand By Me is I'll never have friends like those I had when I was 12. In conclusion I feel that both films had many different similarities with friends and they are both extremely realistic. The differences that these two films enclose are that 10 Things I Hate About You contains less problems than stand by me and it is positive as it represents youth in a positive light. Stand By Me is very negative. This is because it contains issues that the audience find distressing and might not want to accept in reality. ...read more.

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