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a creative writing story - a stopped wedding

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A Razorblade Romance He was lying on the bedroom floor surrounded by his own crimson fluid dripping from the open wound in his neck. She found him all alone it wasn't right for her to find him like that, it scarred her for life physically and emotionally. It was 6am and they were all happy getting ready for the big day with all the arrangements in place everything was going to be perfect. Her maid was perfecting her hair into the most beautiful curls, and he was helping the best man with his speech. When all was ready she covered her dress with a long red coat so that it didn't get dirty, "The car is here we better get going" she called to her maids and her friend who was her maid of honour. ...read more.


When he got himself together and was finally ready the maid came in crying. He went up to her and kissed her and said everything was going to be alright. She replied in a murmured voice he didn't fully understand at first, she then repeated what she had first said and he stood back with the look of shock in his eyes. He suddenly realised then he can't live the life he has. He has a fianc� to go and marry, and a mistress in front of him telling him she is now pregnant with his child. The maid cleaned her face and told him to leave his fianc� now, otherwise if he goes ahead with the marriage he will never be able to get away from this life he has created. ...read more.


He was a coward and that would never change. His time had come to end all of these affairs. So he took a knife and told the maid to leave and that he would meet her down in the foyer of the house. After she had left he brought the knife to his throat and made it a quick and painless experience so that he didn't have to hurt anymore. When she arrived home crying and miserable she ran upstairs to her room and took off her gown. She cried so much her lungs felt sore and swollen. She wondered where he could be and went to his room. As she opened the door she saw red on the floor and was curious as to what it was. She walked in and that's when she found him. By Alex Smith 9My ...read more.

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