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More than anything else, journeys are about the challenge of self-reflection and the discovery of something new.

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'More than anything else, journeys are about the challenge of self-reflection and the discovery of something new.' A journey is a multilayered process, which is inevitable in ones lifetime. Ones perspective and opinion can be changed along the way. Journeys are unpredictable but all have the positive aspect of being a learning experience for its travellers, a journey full of experiences leads to wisdom and understanding. It is through these journeys that we learn new things about our lives and ourselves; it is what creates who we are and shapes our personalities. A journey can manifest in many different ways but most journeys involve an element of transformation. Inner journeys often compel people to contemplate challenges faced throughout life through a continual process of self-reflection. Most importantly, through a journey, it is how we deal with our situations and what we learn from them. This is what leads us to our end goals and destinations. Often we become so obsessed with the end result that we neglect to see the process that takes us there, the thrills of the unpredictable journey and the things we learn from both the positive and negative challenges we face. ...read more.


Each of these texts show that by persevering when it is hard, and overcoming obstacles and barriers helps the individual gain knowledge and grow within themselves. We see this through Parzival when Parzival fails to ask the grail king what is ailing him. This failure proves to be his biggest mistake. He must spend the rest of his young life repenting for his dishonour to the king. Through this repentance he gains knowledge and matures. We see Parzival grow through being educated and by experiencing many life altering encounters. He is taught that to be honourable "you must never lose your sense of shame," and starts to show compassion. Through his self reflection and new discoveries Parzival realises that he has made many mistakes so must "make amends" for his wrong doings. It is here that we see natural progression in his behaviour and see his growth in chivalry and honour, "may I forever be disgraced in this life and my fame brought naught; and that these words are fact let my prosperity stand surely in the eyes of Him Whose hand is highest...and let me be mocked and damned in this life...I was a young fool-no man-not yet grown to years of discretion." ...read more.


For example, when in Parzival the main protagonist sets out on a quest to seek the holy grail but ends up on a quest to heal the Fisher King. This shows that self-reflection is a continual process and the factors that influence our discovery and growth can affect the way we perceive ourselves. The inner journey is a challenge of self-reflection and the discovery of something new that teaches individuals many different things from both their experiences and the experiences of others. Journeys allow individuals to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and gain knowledge from their experiences. We see this through the texts Parzival, MirrorMask and Journey to the Interior. In these texts the protagonists embark upon a journey in which they similarly are thrown into situations beyond their control and as a consequence learn more about themselves and their world. Individuals are often faced with obstacles, which can be overcome and through embracing the challenge of self-reflection, individuals progress further on their inner-journeys and overcome these obstacles. These barriers through our inner journeys are significant as they help us develop an understanding of others and ourselves and help to shape our lives in order to give ourselves a better knowledge in life that may help us during the rest of our journey. ...read more.

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