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A profile of my study child.

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My task analysis began with a profile of my study child, Jack Bateman to give me a slight idea of the background of himself and his family. I had found facts such as his birthday, his family, where he lived, likes and dislikes helping me understand Jack's individual personality. This was a starting point of my coursework, a starting point to help me realise which one of the developments I will use to focus on Jack during my own study coursework. Although I could have added more detail to the information I used for my profile I think that I did it well overall as I got to the point and it did show me about Jack's personality etc. The age that I have focussed on is five years old and looking up to six years old to have a basic knowledge of what Jack's developments should progress to. I then looked at physical development, intellectual development and social and emotional development. These three pages gave me an incite of what each of these developments mean towards a five year old progressing in age. Each page describes what the area of development covers, what a five year old should be able to do in this development, the skills that they will next be developing are and finally summarising what skills my study child has already developed in this area. For physical development I believe I did this well with speed and with the correct information needed to complete this sheet. ...read more.


Finally in my development I had completed a table that explained the advantages and disadvantages upon how often and how long I should take at my visits with my study child. Doing this table helped me to choose the amount of time and how often I wanted to visit Jack. Overall I had chosen to go on a monthly basis, as doing this will help me recognise the progress easier which in my view was better and much easier for me to evaluate. The disadvantage for visiting monthly was because I and my study child would have less of a bond. But, I have known Jack since he was born and we already have a strong bond. His parents are very close with mine also. I had also chosen to go for 1-2 hours for each visit. This obviously gave me enough time to complete an observation with great detail. However the disadvantage upon this was that I had to make sure my activities would constantly amuse Jack or else he would get bored therefore maybe resulting with a tantrum, wanting to do something else maybe. I knew that I could handle this because Jack and I get on well and when a tantrum occurs I am able to handle it. Planning for my observations consisted of having the date, place, approximate time, what I hope to observe, resources needed, how it would be recorded also the problems I might encounter and how they will be solved during my visits. ...read more.


However, Jack drew curtains whereas Elly had drawn different shaped windows. Showing her knowledge on different shapes. Also Elly had drew a sun and fog around the house, whereas Jack didnt. Although Jack had not drawn these, he had added curtains to the windows and a winding path from the front door. When both children wrote their names as an activity they both had used a capital "E" and "J" proving they had a good knowledge upon having capital letters at the start of a name. Both also knew how to spell their names correctly, however they weren't written neatly, which is understandable as they are only five years of age. Also, Jack had difficulties in writing the letter "K" in his name. However he did the rest of the letters in his name with ease. Elly and Jack's knowledge of location differed. Jack has known his street name and his house number whereas Elly had only known Halesowen throughout the whole of her address. Jack had answered this question with confidence however Elly had struggled to answer. Also Jack had given me extra information, like the colour of his front door. Thus proving he had confidence in his answer. Overall, although there was a small amount of months between the ages of Jack and Elly the developments were hard to encounter, as they were both better at other activities than another. E.g. Jack had answered where he lived in confidence whereas Elly had struggled. This basically depends upon the individual child. However if i was to compare Jack (a five year old) to a two year old the differences would be more easier to recognise also easier to evaluate. ...read more.

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