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Abundant Absurdity

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Abundant Absurdity "I'm a slave". This is a quote from Cristiano Ronaldo made in July 2008. I say quote, I could replace that word with the word joke. Of course this can lead us to believe two things: either Ronaldo actually believes he is a slave or he doesn't realise the meaning of the word slave. Let's go with the first option, he thinks that he is a slave. This footballer who earns �150,000 a week whether he plays or not, compares himself to people who are forced to work for little or no reward, people who are given no freedom and no rights. Cristiano Ronaldo is not a slave. The only footballer who has came close to being a slave in the last twenty years is Jean-Marc Bosman. Bosman was playing for RFC Liege in 1990 when his contract ended, he wanted to move to French team Dunkerque but RFC Liege felt they deserved money out of the deal and therefore would not allow him to go unless Dunkerque gave them money. Dunkerque didn't have the money and therefore RFC Liege dropped Bosman and reduced his wages to the minimum possible wage. ...read more.


Which brings me round to this question - what does the word 'hero' actually mean? Well, unfortunately, at this moment in time it is the name of a song by the X Factor finalists. We are being told to buy this CD as all the money will go to two charities which help British people who have been injured or are in need of care after having served in Iraq or Afghanistan. I have an idea, instead of making us buy some crappy single, why don't we pull all of our people out of these countries and stop these injuries? Oh that's right, it would seem like we want peace. I'm sorry we should look at this from the government's view. I mean, they must think what's the point of having an army if we are not going to use it, what would be the point of putting all of this money into a service that would not be used. Well, they have a point; we do need an army but only to make peace with countries such as Iraq. ...read more.


May I also add that prisons are no longer those dark, cold, secluded places like Alcatraz, no, now they are like the 'Justice Center Leoben' in Austria which has been compared to a five-star hotel. I know what option I would go with, of course I can be very cold-hearted and unmoved. To sum up my feelings it takes one simple statement. We are going through the idiocy era. Yes, that's right I've made up an era. Lets think about it Ronaldo isn't a slave, it takes a reality TV show single to convince us to donate money to an unworthy cause, to create peace everything must be broken down into pieces and committing murder can mean that you end up better off than you would have ever become. Of course it won't change anytime soon as we have all been infected by this foolishness meaning that those who truly have ideas for change are treated like witches in Salem. Imagine John Logie Baird was around today and came out and said "I have invented a box with moving pictures of people inside", he would have been locked up in a mental asylum. So, in conclusion I feel in our sudden evolution as the human race, one thing is in devolution - The Mind. ...read more.

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