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Adveture Holidays

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Marcin Stenka Adveture Holidays "for and against"essay Psychologists say that the desire to experience danger is normal and healthy. In the past we were faced with real dangers almost every day. Nowadays, we look for excitement during our holidays. Variety of offers in travel agencies make it easier to organize our time and give an opportunity to do something different than usual. Relaxing on a beach is not as popular as it was in the past. People prefer to spend their holidays active and possibility of detachment from daily life makes them happier. Nevertheless, is it worth to spend our holidays active or is it better to choose something restful? ...read more.


Another additional Adventure holidays have a lot of advantages. The first important advantage is contact with nature, which currently is very little, because people mostly prefer to live in cities so instead of sitting at home we can go camping. Another additional advantage is possibility of meeting interesting people from different environment or countries, what can give us an opportunity of finding new friends. Furthermore, active forms of relaxation keep us healthy and provide good entertainment ,with a bit of danger. For example, rock climbing is either a perfect way for fun and exercise, Many people are in favour of hiking which is very educational and also let one visit new places. ...read more.


In addition, while camping , we are in danger of meeting wild animals such as bears, bores, snakes etc. At the end, going on holidays our life is basic, without comfort and facilities we got used to. All things considered, although there are some disadvantages to adventure holidays, I believe it is very enjoyable experience to spend our free time active, rather than do nothing or just rest. Perhaps we won't get relaxed, but at least we'll have good memories from our vacation. I used to go hiking with my friends every year in the summer. It has been a fantastic way of entertainment for us. I've learnt a lot about nature and wild animals living in the forest. Finally, I recommend adventure holidays for everyone who is bored being lazy . ...read more.

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