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All Hallows Eve

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"All Hallows Eve" is a fictional novel by Vivian Vande Velde. With the genre based on horror, this book is a series of thirteen short stories assembled together to form a perfect scary book. Though it may not seem scary during the daytime, this book is sure to chill you to the bone when you read it alone on the night of Halloween. Describing witches, zombies, vampires, and werewolves, this novel is great to read to get into the Halloween spirit! Starting off with the intro story "Come in and Rest a Spell," this story has a catchy beginning and end. The stories in this novel all deal with events and scary experiences occurring on Halloween- the night where it's said that gruesome spirits come back to haunt people on Earth for just one night. While some stories describe haunted farms with murderous spirits running loose, others tell the story of pranks that lead to discovering horrible secrets and field trips to cemeteries where bodies seem to move. ...read more.


Of course tractors had to pay to get in and that's the main reason why the owner of the farm held this event. But another reason why all the other farms had urged for the Cristanis Family Farm to serve as the Halloween drive-in barn was because of the haunted background of the farm. Before the Cristanis family had bought the farm, the place was originally owned by Morgan Roehmar- a so called serial killer who was not only found to have killed about a half dozen boys but girls also. But the scary thing is that the police never found the body of Roehmar himself. It was rumored that Roehmar killed himself after his girlfriend betrayed him and told the police of the horrible smell of the dead bodies in his barn. Soon the farm was rumored as haunted after Roehmar had died and it stayed empty for centuries until the Cristanis family bought it. ...read more.


The short story is titled "My Real Mother" and it's about a girl named Evelyn who is an adopted girl that has always wondered on finding her adopted parents, like all adopted children do, and Evelyn finds her parent's address by using the adoption papers and the internet. But when she arrives to her parents' house on Halloween night dressed up as a princess, things go wrong after she tells her parents that she's their daughter. The parents, it turns out, are vampires, that can't use her blood since she's related and they kick her back out of their house and Evelyn has to go back home. It takes a series of only five minutes for the encounter between Evelyn and her parents to happen and I just think the author could've done more to the scene, or at least have made it scarier than it seemed. But this novel was still good to read and it was okay. ...read more.

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