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alloy wheel production

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ALLOY WHEELS CONTENTS PAGE PAGE NO: PAGE NAME: 3 DESIGN BRIEF 4 ANALYSIS OF DESIGN BRIEF 5 KEY FEATURES Design brief I am designing an alloy wheel for a BMW 750i which will fit standard Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli tyres The pcd is 110 The bore will be The circumference will be And stud size will be a 5 The tire profile will be And it will be a brilliant white six spoke ANALYSIS OF DESIGN BRIEF: CLIENT NEEDS Following the analysis of the brief will consider the following points when developing this product. ...read more.


sharp edges some protruding angle Quality standards: my client Wolfrace tm and they have the English standards kitemark ensuring the manufacturing of this product will be high quality and protect customers. Styling aesthetics: the product will look of good quality And will perform to racing standards which will appeal to race enthusiasts Performance: the performance of this model will be second to none as it is built to last up 45 years. The design of this product is supposed to reduce drag and be lighter than the ordinary alloy wheel. ...read more.


Size: the sizes vary from 14 inch in diameter to 25 inch in diameter, the list of sizes: 14" 20" and other sizes if order specially 15" 21" 16" 22" 17" 23" 18" 24" 19" 25" Fitting: the rim will fit any standard tyre from any major manufacturer with Tyre Size 275/35Z18 and can be fitted at almost every garage or service station maintenance : can be wash with ordinary soap cloth/soap no ruff side of sponge (could scratch) And design allows for deep cleaning inside the visible part of the rim. Design 1: my first design Good points: none Bad points : look like they've came from a old fiesta Good points: Bad points: ...read more.

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