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Analysing two adverts

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Analysing two adverts We looked at two adverts, both advertising the same product and discussed why and how they appeal to different audiences. I chose to analyse two shoe adverts. The 'Geox breathes' shoe which is advert one and the 'Sherpa' shoe which is advert two. In advert one the advert is set on a red background and the shoe that is being advertised is dark brown. The red background makes the shoe stand out as red is such a striking colour and dark brown is dull/boring. The white text also stands out on the red background; the white test may have been used to represent freshness as the shoes being advertised are meant to leave your feet feeling fresh. ...read more.


In advert two the shoes are smaller and the man in the picture is the main focus. The man in the picture is hiking and looks fit; this implies that the shoes will be comfortable enough for you to hike in. The image is more sophisticated than the one in advert one and has a bigger meaning because you can tell just by looking at the advert that the shoe is specifically made for hiking whereas in advert one you would have to guess that they are casual shoes. The first adverts shoes are called 'Geox Breathes'. This gives the impression that the shoes breathe and are fresh. Judging from the name of the shoes you can tell that they are aimed at people with bad foot odor. ...read more.


Advert one is aimed at people with bad foot odor, as having bad foot odor could be embarrassing. The shoes could also be aimed at older people because the design isn't modern. The shoes could also be aimed at people who like to walk a lot as people who walk a lot may develop bad foot odor. Advert two is only aimed at people that enjoy hiking and people that enjoy the outdoors; this is made clear by the man hiking in the image. Overall even though the adverts are both advertising the same product, the advertisers use different techniques to make the shoes look more appealing. For example the main images in both adverts were appealing but in different ways. The main image in advert one was the shoes, and the main image in advert two is the man. ...read more.

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