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Analysis of design brief.

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Key Features to be Considered Commentary Function Where will the product be used? What will my product be used for? My product will be used to hold various game consoles and their games and accessories. My final idea it intended to be used at home only as it is too big to be taken on the move. Performance How might the product be used? I am hoping that the final design can be used anywhere in the household but more to the point it will have to be on the floor as it is quite big and might not fit anywhere else. ...read more.


Younger gamers are most likely to but my product to keep their games and console safe. Quantity How many will be needed? A batch production of 50 will be needed to see how well the product sells on its first time. Style What will the product look like? Will the product appeal to the target market? The product has a square base with small plastic grooves coming out the base where the games will be held. There is another large unit where the console will sit. Yes the futuristical design and appealiability will help to make the product sell very well Quality What level of quality will be used to make my product? ...read more.


What level of profit is needed? What is the final cost likely to be? Each item will cost around �4.99 to make and will be sold at �19.99. I hope to achieve around a �15 profit from selling each individual unit. The final cost, dependant on if the product sells well will be upped to �24.99 to make more profit Timescale When does the client wish the project to be finished? When should the product be ready for the same? The client wishes the project to be made on a 40 hour timescale. I am hoping to finish the product within the set time although final modifications could alter the time needed to make the final final design. ...read more.

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