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Are Footballers Paid Too Much

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Are Footballers Paid too Much? Football, a sport played by many people across the world. Many aspire to become a footballer, maybe because of the huge amount of money involved, or maybe because of the enjoyment. There are many leagues including The Premier League; arguably the best league (in terms of player prowess) in the world, where some players earn �130,000 a week. Other top leagues include the Spanish LA Liga, The French Ligue 1, The German Bundesliga and The Italian League. Europe is the place where footballing dreams are made of, within these leagues, but how can & does wages justify their career... Plan. Asking you what you think, will help best to answer this question. We will also look at website resources from the internet, gain statistics and other valuable information from newspaper articles, books, a questionnaire and interviews. I have chosen this contentious issue because it's something that I believe is having an impact on more humble people at this moment in time. This is because of the credit crunch. Understanding this topic in more detail will help others to realize if footballers really are paid too much (and so they can be more decisive on this topic). Also, football is a sport which I enjoy and I believe it's something I can research more specifically than other issues. Because of the wide range of football leagues and players (in terms of ability), wages vary dramatically. The question, 'are footballers paid too much?' isn't very specific, however, it allows me to study a wide range of aspects. But, in my conclusion, I will give a more specific answer. Themes. The question links best into the theme of 'quality of life.' My reasons for suggesting this are that most adult football played within a league involves money. Should football involve money? Should it be a voluntary decision because it's a hobby and not a job? ...read more.


Footballers did in the first place, create these revenues didn't they? * The following viewpoint is intriguing and understandable: 'Footballers, other sports people, entertainers etc., are all paid what the market will sustain for their exceptional talents. During the fight between players and managers to abolish the minimum wage there was much soul searching among the footballers themselves about what was morally right. At a team meeting at Bolton Wanderers one concerned player stood up and said, "I don't see what the problem is with a maximum wage of �20. My father works down the pit and earns a lot less than that." Tommy Banks who played for England in the 1958 World Cup replied, "Yes, I hear what you say. I admire your father's profession. In fact I've been down the pit, I've done his job. But you try and tell your father to come up out of that pit and mark brother Stanley Matthews next Saturday." Another point, rarely made, is that these people do nothing but give people pleasure. We happily pay for tickets, read about them in the papers and fork out for Sky subscriptions because they are such a big draw. Good luck to them, say I.' * My opinion FOR footballers being paid too much: 1. It inspires many young people to become a footballer because of the big pay packets. 2. For the amount popularity they receive, they can afford to be paid lots of money. 3. Many supporters are willing to pay lots of many for season tickets. Footballers give enjoyment to supporters (the last viewpoint before also mentioned about footballers giving people pleasure for what they do). Big clubs make lots of money from merchandise, sponsorship and tickets. If they can afford to pay their players big pay packets, then they will (it's obvious that they wouldn't pay them as much if they didn't have the money, would they?) ...read more.


They weren't sure whether footballers in leagues below the premier league were paid too much, but they thought that premier league footballers were paid ridiculous amounts of money 'just for kicking a ball around.' They also thought football will stay popular, and the business aspect of football will increase. However, some thought differently. One person said, 'I think it's worth it because they are always playing and wasting their energy. Sometimes they even get hurt.' Another person said, 'because they are good at what they do so should be paid a lot for doing it. Although, I think all footballers should be paid the same.' Other comments which disagree to the amount a veteran footballer earns. 'If players are paid to kick a ball around why shouldn't players who play community football get paid. I think �250,000 a week is over the top for someone who just kicks a ball around.' 'For what they do and the example they set (generally poor), they are overly paid. They act like spoilt brats.' 'Ridiculous. What some footballers earn in a week takes a few years for a hardworking person. It's an insult and just plain ridiculous. 'They get paid more than people who actually do something like save lives.' To conclude from my questionnaire, we can see that most people I asked presumed Premier League footballers are paid too much, regardless whether they don't watch matches, or aren't involved in aspects of football. It goes to show how much word of mouth influences a person's decision. My guess is that certain factors sway a person's decision such as, word of mouth, general presumption and most importantly setting an example and news. Some people that thought PL footballers are paid too much because they read it in the news. Some probably thought it because of how players act and what they buy. It's mostly down to presumption and have football is seen by people, especially in this case because most aren't involved in any aspects of it. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Stephens My Contentious Issue Mr. Brewster Page 1 of 9 ...read more.

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