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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers Coursework Christy Wright Mrs Sowter Blood Brothers Essay Christy Wright Mrs Sowter "Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in 'Blood Brothers'. How does he use dramatic devices to make the audience react differently to the two women throughout the play" The "Blood Brothers play; by Willy Russell is about two twins who are separated at birth. The mother sells one to her current employer, Mrs Lyons. Once the boys grow up, they meet each other and become friends, neither of them knowing that they are related. Mrs Johnson is poor and barely able to buy food, while Mrs Johnson is from a socially advantaged background. Both the women don't want the twins meeting each other. In this play, Russell uses a lot of dramatic techniques to make the audience react. He uses the narrator to hurry the play along and making everything appear to be rushed. Russell uses songs to pass the time. Each song could pass the time by a few years. He also uses, costumes, props and lighting so people can see how the characters personalities combine with the plot .It is these devices that are used to make the audience feel sympathy for the two mothers. In act 1, Scene 1 and 2, we get the impression that the mother doesn't have the best of luck. Her songs about her husband make the audience feel sorry for her. ...read more.


Making us feel like she's almost being pressured into giving away her own baby. The use of prop in this scene is used by Mrs Lyons giving Mrs Johnson money for her baby, and Mrs Johnson throwing it back at her, disgusted that Mrs Lyons is trying to buy her baby from her. Mrs Lyons has offered Mrs Johnson a lot of money in Act 1, Scene 8. Mrs Lyons fires Mrs Johnson, leaving Mrs Johnson with no job, no money and unable to see her baby, Edward. When Mrs Johnson threatens to take Edward with her, Mrs Lyons says she can't do anything about it because she sold her baby. Mrs Johnson can't do anything about it because she doesn't want to be caught by the police. The stagecraft used in this scene is the money, the money changes everything, as the arrangement is now illegal. The use of ellipsis in this scene explains how frustrated and worried Mrs Johnson is about giving her baby away. It makes the audience feel tension. This is used as a dramatic device. "I didn't.. You told me..." Mrs Johnson is almost stuttering and it creates a nervous atmosphere within the audience. Towards the end of Act 1, Scene 8. Mrs Lyons plays on Mrs Johnson's superstitious side, "they say... they say that if either twin learns..." Mrs Lyons knows Mrs Johnson is very superstitious as we saw earlier in the play when Mrs Lyons put shoes on the table. ...read more.


She describes to the audience how she felt and how she feels now. Her speech is moving and she feels trapped. This is how exactly now Lynda is feeling. This is done because the mother knows exactly how Lynda feels when she was in her position. Act 5, Scene 5 is a key scene because this is where the two brothers die, and its ironic because Mrs Lyons wanted one of them so badly, she stooped so low as to take another woman's baby, She killed her own son, Eddie, and thinking that it was Mickey's fault, also kill's him as well. The narrator says "So did you ever hear the tale of the Johnston Twins, As like each other as two new pins, How one was kept, The other given away, and they were born and they died on the self same day." This is like the poem that the narrator read at the start, marking the start of the play, and this poem is marking the end of the play. My conclusion is that Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in blood brothers, He makes us feel sympathy for the Mother because she didn't want to give her baby away, and Mrs Lyons forced her too, almost. Willy Russell uses dramatic devices through out the play, in the form of, for one example, the narrator. He uses the narrator to speak what the audience already have in their heads, and to create tension among the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christy Wright English Coursework Mrs Sowter Christy Wright English Coursework Mrs Sowter 1 ...read more.

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