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Bowling for Columbine - How is Michael Moore(TM)s objective in Bowling for Columbine(TM) realised though his documentary making style?

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How is Michael Moore's objective in 'Bowling for Columbine' realised though his documentary making style? In the satirical, feature length documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' Michael Moore's main objective is to find out why America is so gun crazy. He also aims to uncover reasons as to why two teenage boys would go into school with guns and murder twelve students and a teacher. Another task Michael Moore has set himself is to reveal the causes of America's high gun crime rate. The views that Michael Moore expresses in the film are somewhat biased, he wants the audience to see his point of view. To make you see his point of view he criticises and pokes fun at other points of view; it makes you laugh as well as agree with him. The real question Michael Moore is asking himself in the film is: "Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts." ...read more.


Moore uses two types of expert: those that agree with his point of view and those that don't. To convince the audience that his opinion is more intelligent, Moore uses irony and satire to make the experts that disagree with him look stupid. Michael Moore does his own voiceovers for the film. The voice over gives the audience more understanding of what he is doing and trying to achieve. Moore doing his own voice over gives him more chance to get his message across, mainly through irony and satire. The archive footage has a big impact the movie. It's another technique Moore use to get his point across, as it is real evidence filmed by others. As the archive footage is filmed by other persons, not associated with this film, Moore could not be accused of 'making it up' (although some have accused him of editing some pieces to suit his views). The choice of music in this film is excellent, it fits in with the moods of each scene and in places is used to create irony. ...read more.


I thought it was amazing to see how little Heston cares about gun crime, and even worse: how little he cares about the death of a young girl. I think Michael Moore did not achieve his objectives by the end of this film. He aimed to find reasons for the exceptionally high gun crime rate that America has. Although he did find reasons, he also proved that they are not genuine reasons. For example, he thinks about violent video games, but the says that other countries have the same games but lower gun crime rates. Overall I thought it was an excellent, thought provoking film, although it's rather biased and it doesn't really reach a conclusion. The 'Tag Line' for the film is "Are we a nation of gun nuts or are we just nuts?" I expected that question would be given some sort of an answer, but it was left unanswered. I was kept intrigued throughout the film and I learnt a lot about American culture. The ending disappointed me, but apart from that I thought it was brilliant and definitely worth watching. ...read more.

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