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Business plan. Pet planet the business will be a puppy training daycare and boarding facility providing loving care, companionship, and exercise for dogs, either during the day while the owners are at work, or long-term while the owners travel.

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Pet planet Business plan Deadline 12 February For my GCSE coursework, I have decided to look at opening a new business in my local area. For my business to succeed, I need to consider some key aspects of opening a business. These include choosing a suitable company name so that people can recognise the shop and also, decidng which type of business it will be (e.g. sole trader, partnership, Ltd) because each type has good and bad points, so you need to consider your options. Pet planet the business will be a puppy training daycare and boarding facility providing loving care, companionship, and exercise for dogs, either during the day while the owners are at work, or long-term while the owners travel. It will be this business because research shows that there are not a lot of kennels or puppy training classes around the bath area. The business will also have experienced workers which enjoy working with animals and helping owners come to terms with there new puppy. The service will train puppies to be obedient to there owners at all times through there lives, it will help puppies socialize with other puppies and train them to do day to day things like sit, paw, down, leave or take something. As well as training the dogs it will teach the owners (on a one to one basis) ...read more.


I have identified a market niche because the businesses will only be targeted at the lifestyle market and not anything else for example it won't be targeted at different gender or age market. To add value to the dog kennel business it will have a mixture of dog kennels and sizes depending on the size of the dog there will be a free socialising session on the first time stay in the kennels over night and also a mixture of treats and toys for free only on the first stay and a 25% discount if they are a regular customer. Desk (Secondary) Research For this task here is some secondary research in order to help me form the businesses own marketing strategy. Firstly I have done some research to find out if there is any more Kennel facilities in the Wiltshire area and there are a couple of facilities around the bath area but not to many. Even thought there are a couple around Bath I have still decided to set the business in Bath because it is a big place and people who live in the surrounding areas will be prepared to travel a bit hopefully for a good service, also it is easy accessible for big cars. Bath Prices of internet, Dog Kennels I have now researched on the internet in detail prices of Kennels. ...read more.


Another problem is some brochures are seasonal during quieter periods another method of advertising would be needed to keep the level of customers a profitable number. My final method of promotion is advertising in local pet shops using a poster listing the services offered, a brief idea of price and the telephone number. This should inform most pet owners about the company. Opportunity costs At first the business was going to invest the money into a hair and beauty salon but after the research there are quite a lot of salons around my local area and it won't be a reasonable choice to have chosen considering the main objective of a business is to make money and have more costumers than competition. So the business decided against the idea of putting my money into to that form of business also because the staffs doesn't have much experience in hair and beauty as it does in animal care. Competitive Analysis A review of the various kennel facilities in the bath area reveals seven Kennel companies provide, 9 grooming and boarding sites, two facilities associated with veterinary offices, one self-service bathing facility, one outdoor dog park, one part-time dog daycare and numerous groom-only shops. Prices charged by the various companies ranged from �9 per night for cage care kennelling in a veterinary office to �15 per day for dog daycare (offered only on Fridays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm). A few facilities advertised themselves as dog daycares, but really provided only unsupervised cage care during daytime hours. ...read more.

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