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Child poverty

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Child Poverty Arfan Rauf In the UK today, 1 in 3 children are living in poverty (equivalent to 4 million children). Figures have risen from 1979, 1 in 10, living in poverty to 1 in 3 living in poverty in 1998. Child poverty levels have fallen as of 2005/06 to 3.8 million by 600,000. According to statistics, it is estimated that child poverty costs the UK �25 billion per annum. The Labour government's target in 1998/99 was to reduce child poverty by half by 2010 then eradicate it altogether by 2020. This essay will examine the view that the Labour Government have failed to do enough to reduce child poverty in the UK. Since the Labour Government came into power in 1997 and Tony Blair made the pledge to halve child poverty figures (by 2010) ...read more.


And the government is failing overall in its target to halve child poverty by 2010. Scottish child poverty figures which stood at 250,000 (25%) in 2005/06 has also fallen according to the Scottish Executive statistics to 23% and overall has improved in recent years However the same figures show that in 1968, the figure was just 10% of children were living in relative poverty. And that 13% of children still live in absolute poverty. Figures on children on free schools meals have also been falling. Children whose parents earn below �15,575 or recieve welfare payments are eligible for free school meaks. Last year the figure hit 14.5%. However, recent statistics show that this year 17,000 more children are eligible for free school meals. ...read more.


In order to reduce poverty, a higher minimum wage level must be implemented. In relation many including the "Low Income Tax Reform Group" believe that the income tax thresholds need to be doubled to improve the income of the low earners. It was also found that the incomes of the highest paid had risen much faster than the low paid who were on tax credits. This has led to an increase the in wealth gap between wealthiest and poorest. In conclusion, despite having introduced a policies to encourage families into employment, the Labour government has failed to tackle poverty effectively by concentrating on minimum wage levels and tax thresholds and what has resulted is the gap between the rich and the poor widening creating larger pay inequalities. The policies have been partially successful in their targets. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arfan Rauf - Higher Modern Studies ...read more.

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