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Citizenship Coursework - Year 10 Work Experience

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Citizenship Coursework 2007 - Year 10 Work Experience Introduction For my work experience, I am going to work at Double Decker Caf� in Enfield Lock over a two week period, from 25 June - 6 July 2007. The hours I will have to work will be from 9:00am to 4:30pm. The company is a food/catering service for the public and so therefore my role will be a catering assistant. According to the placement description (see appendix I), I will be helping in kitchen with preparing sandwiches, jacket potatoes and general preparation. I will also have to wait at tables, use the till, make tea/coffees and generally help to keep the caf� clean and tidy. I am looking forward to working at this placement because although it doesn't really relate to what I want to do when I've left school, I believe that it will be a great experience, as I have never experienced working before. As I need to gain more self-confidence, I think that this would be a great opportunity for me to do so, and to learn how to speak up to people more, as I believe that this work experience will mostly consist of talking to people. Also, I think that this would be a useful opportunity for me to apply the skill I already have of keeping things tidy - I prefer to keep things organised, so I don't think I'll have much trouble with keeping things clean and in order. Planning: Stage 1 I have chosen to research Health and Safety in the workplace because I believe that this is important topic to research, and probably the most appropriate, as I am going to be working in a caf�. I feel that this topic is actually very important because Health and Safety is quite essential especially in catering services, because it also involves the health and safety of the public; their customers. ...read more.


The day before, I wondered if I was able to use gloves to wash up, so I asked the manager about this and indeed I did receive them. I was also told that I should've asked for them the day before, which directly links with my personal target of trying to speak up when I have a question or something to say; I learnt immediately that if I needed or wanted to know about something I really shouldn't hesitate to ask. I took a picture of the gloves I used, which can be found in appendix VI. They were clean and waterproof and so therefore protected my hands during the day. I learnt how to take the order of two people. I needed to take their orders down with a pen and paper, and then I showed it to the manager. I was surprised to find out that I had to make their orders myself, but I did it successfully and I served it to them. I had to smile and say thank you. It annoyed me how some of the customers were rather rude and didn't say thank you back, but I learned to just get over it and carry on with the rest of my job. Wednesday - Again, I came in on time. I had to wash the dishes firstly, to clear the sink for more incoming dirty dishes. Today I started cleaning tables and emptying ashtrays. I had to clean all the tables with a disinfectant and a clean cloth at around after lunchtime, when the majority of customers had stopped coming in. However, after a customer had finished eating and had left the caf�, I simply cleaned the table they were sitting at with a clean cloth to get rid of excess food. Evidence of me cleaning the tables with disinfectant can be found in appendix V. Today I was shown how to make a cheese and ham omelette, and how to use the electric bread cutter. ...read more.


I had become very used to multitasking over these past two weeks, so I feel that I dealt with the busy atmosphere very well - I couldn't wash up throughout because we had a lot of cooking to do, so we shared the amount of customers we had to prepare food for and the manager wiped down the tables, whilst I washed up everything after. This was my evidence of good teamwork. After around 2:00pm, we didn't really get very many customers so I sat down with the manager and I interviewed him about how he kept the Health and Safety Policy, like I intended to in my planning. I realised that it would've been better for me to interview him earlier, like when I had just started working there, but the caf� was very busy most times, and we agreed to do it when we weren't very busy, and that was one of the only times. I was given some questions that we could consider asking some of the staff. It was about fire and accident procedures, so I thought that it would be appropriate to use it as a questionnaire. I asked the manager the questions and I wrote them down. I found out that there isn't a Health and Safety officer, because it's a family company; he owns the whole caf�. I found out from this questionnaire that generally, there aren't very many hazards at all that could cause any fires and accidents. There was good ventilation because the back door was constantly open. This questionnaire can be found in appendix XI. I also interviewed him with general questions about working at the caf�. This interview can be found in appendix XII. Evaluation My Findings Health and Safety rules are very important in any workplace because without the practice of it, it can put people's lives at risk. Especially because this workplace provides a catering service for the public, it was essential for me to find out if it was generally a clean environment. ...read more.

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