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Citizenship Coursework

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Citizenship Coursework Comparing Two Articles In May 2005 "The Telegraph" newspaper published two articles about young people who wear hooded tops and the image they portray. This issue is quite important in today's society because of the number of people who wear them and cause problems, and some people just like the style. The "hoodies" can cause a feeling of fear in some societies because of what they can often represent. The two articles both give opposite views on this issue of people who wear hoodies. The first article is in favour of wearing hoodies and doesn't agree with the fact that they should be banned from being worn in shops and other public places. It talks about a Headmaster from a school near Kent who has decided to make hoodies part of the everyday school uniform to any pupil who wishes to wear one. He argues that by banning the hoodies it only makes young people want to wear them more because when something is not allowed it often it becomes more appealing to them. ...read more.


One of these teenagers, Tom, lives near the alleyway in Salford and wears a hoodies. "the garment of choice for all self-respecting gang members" Here, the writer describes the hoodies as the type of clothes that people in gangs wear, this agrees with the point that teens who wear hoodies are all thugs or members of gangs. In Salford a man was put into a coma by hooded youths who punched him, by putting this in the article it makes the reader think that youths who wear hoodies are all violent people. The article also tells readers how the gang steal, smash cars and also deal drugs, it gives a negative impression of young people who wear hooded tops. It gives the impression that the teenagers have background issues, they have had little education and often resort to anti social behaviour, and this is because they have been brought up in unstable families, where there might have been violence or arguments. ...read more.


Both of the articles are written with lots of small paragraphs to make it look more interesting to the reader and the first article has a picture of some teenagers wearing hoodies this is to show the reader what the article is writing about and to make them aware of the issue. From these two articles I have found out that there are two sides of the argument for the the issue of wearing hoodies. In some parts of the country wearing a hoodie means that you are part of a gang who is known for antisocial behaviour. I think, however, that people should try not to assume that a person is a thug because of what they are wearing, even though this can be difficult because of all the stereotypes. I agree with what the headmaster in the first article was saying that by banning the hoodies in public places it makes them more appealing to some people and I think it was a good idea for him to make it part of the school uniform and that students can only wear their hoods up if it is raining. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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