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Comparing arts and science

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Comparing arts and science The foundation of many things such as technology and medicine come from the oldest works of science. It is necessary to have a general understanding of this foundation to have a greater understanding of a finer field of science. On the other hand, in literature, there is no prior foundation knowledge needed to comprehend the newest and oldest works. Even though this is true, by nature, in literature, most the time, one will prefer read older works. This is not always true, though, at times some may to prefer the newest. In science, most the time, one will read newest works first but not always. To that end, I agree with following quote from Baron Lytton in most cases; "In science, read, by preference, the newest works: in literature, the oldest." ...read more.


Poetry is timeless and because of this there is no incentive to read older or newer works. In this case the preference in neutral. The last example in literature is a novel. Most people prefer to read older works when it comes to novels. Most people read older novels because it is established work and has a high level of credibility. The oldest work is recognized and most people prefer to read it over newer works. With this being said, overall, in literature, one prefers to read the oldest works. This is most likely true because it is a generational thing where the work is passed down from one generation to another and there is no desire or necessity for change. Similarly, in science, there are some cases where one may prefer to read newer works and there are cases where one may prefer to read older works. ...read more.


To make advances in this field a person must have a good understanding of the foundation science. In contrast, when it comes to practical science, it is usually preferred to read the newest works in science. There are a few examples the help demonstrate where in practical or "applied" science one may prefer to read the newest works. The first example is in medicine and surgery; here the preference is to read the newest so the person can use the latest science available to them. They also prefer to read the newest works so that can make further advances in the field. Similarly, in technological and business processes, one will read the newest works so they can apply them to their every day operations. As it is illustrated, in science, it may be preferred to read oldest works or it may be preferred to read newest works but in most cases the latter is preferred. ...read more.

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