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Components of Fitness

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Components of Fitness Coursework The health of someone is the state of mental, physical and social well being they are in. Most people think of health as a person who has or hasn't got a disease and illness. There are two main types of fitness that make up the way a person is, these are: physical fitness and motor fitness. Getting your fitness to its maximum and maintaining it is a very important and often difficult as it requires a lot of thought, time and effort. Athletes who over-train their bodies become weaker and are more likely to get diseases and illnesses. The components of physical fitness are reaction time, power, agility, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. The meaning of strength is "the ability to exert a force against a resistance". An example of this is the strength needed by a weight lifter to lift a 200kg barbell. Mariusz Pudzianowski , the world's strongest man champion of 2008, has to train himself to lifting extremely heavy things such as cars, people, etc. some body builders also take steroids to improve their performance in many sports. This is considered illegal and the sports person that does this is disqualified from the sport they have taken part in. ...read more.


For example, if an obese person was to race an athlete that was in a healthy state, the person with more weight would lose because there is too much fat compared to his or her bone and muscle. Co-ordination is the ability to carry out a group of movements smoothly and efficiently. All sports need the coordination of eyes, hands and feet. Racket sports like tennis involve all coordination's of hands, eyes and feet. There are a few drills which can improve your hand-eye co-ordination like catching tennis balls in none hand for a minute and then changing hands. You can practice them on your own or with someone else but keep concentrating and you'll notice the difference. Tim Henman, Great Britain's number one tennis player has to do drills like this daily to improve his hand-eye co-ordination. Balance is the ability to control the body's position, either stationary or while moving. If this is done correctly, a person will be able to complete a series of moves without falling. Balance is usually used in sports like gymnastics or athletics. Sally Gunnell is an athlete that improves her balance by improving her motor skills. Another way to improve your balance is by improving posture. ...read more.


She has been banned for two years. This type of drug abuse can get a person banned from any sport there if it is found out. There have been many top athletes who smoke. Zinedine Zidane, a famous French football player caused a small gossip when he was photographed before an important 2006 World Cup game smoking a cigarette. Smoking can wreck your lungs and reduce oxygen available for muscles used during sports. They also run slower and can't run as far, affecting overall athletic performance. This affects people's performance in a negative way as it could possibly end their career. Despite all the tobacco use on TV and in different types of media, no athlete does smoke as it could change their lives completely by making them lose all fame and fortune! Many athletes sleep poorly during the night before a major competition or after crossing several time zones to compete, but most athletes aren't sure exactly how this loss of sleep will affect their performances. One problem in figuring out how no sleep influences exercise ability and scientists or doctors don't completely understand sleep itself. Too much sleep is not good for you but neither is no sleep is worse. If a performer doesn't sleep, his performance in a game will be poor and can be removed from the team. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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