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Computer Games

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Introduction Different computer games have different genres, meaning it is a different kind or type of game. They are used to keep people entertained and occupied for a short or long period of time, but what makes computer games bad? Main uses of computer games The main use of computer games is to keep people entertained. The computer games have different genres and introduce gamers to different situations and problems, so that they could be ready for such events, such as driving and playing sports. Obviously, there are some games that cannot be real, such as Doom, which involves monsters, and as we all know, monsters aren't real, on planet Earth! The consequences of playing video games When playing video games, the gamer usually sits down, nothing moving except his thumbs. With this going on, the gamer isn't getting any exercise, and because he or she isn't exercising, the gamer puts on more and more weight, and this gradually leads to people becoming overweight and obesity. ...read more.


The teenagers who played the non- violent video games answered the questions with sensible solutions, and talked about non-violent matters, while some of the people who played the violent video games chose to talk about violent ways to react when they were asked questions about what they would do in such circumstances. After the experiment, this showed that not all people have a sudden mood swing when playing a type of game, or in this case, a violent video game. People against video games Many parents are concerned about what the video games do to their children, but it's not all video games, it is just one in particular, violent video games. As you have read earlier, violent video games do change the moods of some teenagers. There have been a few cases, where people have been motivated by the video game to do the exact same as they would do in the game. ...read more.


Games such as Mario Kart and Fifa 09 all have a form of violence. In Mario Kart, the player shoots objects at the opponents, and causes them to flip over, while in Fifa 09, the gamer could make one of the players in the game use a slide tackle, and cause the opponent to get injured. So you see, every game has a form of violence, but some games have more of an effect on the gamers. Conclusion In conclusion, I do not think violent video games make all game players violent. The reason I think this is because I play violent video games, and I have never gone on a killing spree. This is because I know that it is unreal, unlike some people who can't tell the difference between the game play and the real world. So, looking at all the statistics, I believe that not all video games damage all young people, because when a person plays a video game. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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