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Conflict in Globingo

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Conflict Resolution Coursework By: Michelle Wong 11N1 The conflict threatening Globingo was caused by the civil war between the neighboring country, Kalinga's two main tribal groups, the Dingas and the Kalawis. A corrupt and ruthless dictator rules over Kalawi, and he is convinced that Globingo should be rebuked for housing the 2 million or so Dinga refugees and so-called cross-border "terrorists". Due to the Kalawi dictator's increasing paranoia (that the Dingas are terrorists and Globingo is conspiring with them), Globingo may be taken over in the future by Kalinga - there is also the prospect of having access to the sea through Globingo, and thus increase trade to make Kalinga even more prosperous. Also, because of the strain the refugees are causing on the country's economy, there have started to be small protests against them, even though Globingo has sympathized with their plight thus far. Crime rates have begun to rise as well, and there is a significant strain on the economy. Globingo may face future consequences for its kindness towards the refugees. Solutions to this problem may include: 1) ...read more.


However, many civilians' lives will be endangered by this process, and much damage will be caused to the surrounding regions, resulting in costly repairs. 3) Trade embargo - since Globingo has access to the sea, they must have some form of trading arrangement with Kalinga. If they threaten to cut off trading, Kalinga's people would suffer, which would force the government into a more vulnerable position, thereby lessening the menace it poses and giving Globingo firmer debating ground. An example of a conflict solved by this method is the US embargo against Cuba, imposed on February 7th 1962 after Cuba seized the properties of the United States citizens and corporations. After the embargo was enacted, Cuba suffered great economic damages due to the barriers to development (which shows that embargos do have the ability to impair a country.) 4) De-escalation measures to reduce tension. This refers to whichever methods intended to escape any irrational opinions or actions based on the psychological bias caused by a certain commitment, which in this case consists of the Kalawi dictator's commitment to routing the Dinga people. ...read more.


This is perhaps one of the safest methods available. In conclusion, I recommend using the trade embargo method as well as enlisting help from the United Nations. If Globingo has enough influence over Kalinga's trading structure, then cutting off its international trade routes (through the sea) would be an effective maneuver, and would offer them a better bargaining position. Kalinga's forces would also be weakened, thus lessening the chances of any attack. However, if Globingo enacts the trade embargo, it may simply anger the Kalawi dictator into launching an attack. This is where the UN comes in. With soldiers from the United Nations on their side, Globingo will be able to hold off an attack until Kalinga finally agrees to negotiate. At this point, a conciliator will be chosen to help settle the dispute between the two nations, and hopefully restore peace to the region. In my opinion, this is the best and safest method that the Globingo government could employ, and by following these steps, I think that Globingo will be able to resolve the conflict threatening it at present. ...read more.

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