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Considering careers - Restaurant Manager and Agent or Business manager.

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´╗┐Career Report Drake Zollers For my first career I chose was a Restaurant Manager. This job mainly consists of hiring staff that you think are capable of working at the level you expect out of them and to keep a good word for your restaurant. It also over sees what is on the menu, and to make any changes at any time, for instance if there are a lot of complaints about an item you might take it off the menu or compliments you might put it on a specials list. You also need to make sure the restaurant is fully stocked to how much inventory you think will be served in that day or few days. ...read more.


A few reasons I think I could proceed to becoming this title of restaurant manager is because one day I would like to open and run my own restaurant and this would be good experience till I got to the point in my life to where I feel comfortable in taking the risk that the food industry has. I also work right now as a server and I like the feeling of knowing I satisfied a customer with good service and food. My second career I chose was Agents and Business managers. This field is for people who like business and entertainment, because it mainly consists of promoting clients from athletes, to movie stars and so on, and to get them noticed by the world. ...read more.


you would like to excel at this job like I would like too you need to become advanced in business and law a little farther than the average person would so you can help your clients get what they deserve and not cheated out of anything. Also you need good communication skills so taking advanced classes throughout school would help with that. I think I could pursue this career at first and see where it takes me because I love sports and entertainment and I always wanted to be an agent so I think if I set my mind too it I could advance father in this field, that?s until I want to try and open a restaurant which is my first career I would like to be in. ...read more.

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