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Cool Hand Luke

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Cool Hand Luke Throughout the film Cool Hand Luke the issue of conformity is constantly brought into question. This issue is mainly portrayed through the characters of Luke and Dragline. Out of the two of them Luke has the most issues with conformity. Luke is constantly being confronted with authority during his life and he never seems to let it stop him. The antithesis of Luke in this film would be Dragline. Dragline always does what the guards are telling him to do and does not act out. These two different sides of conformity between Luke and Dragline that create the plot of Cool Hand Luke. Luke is first confronted with this conflict of conformity in the first seen of the film. ...read more.


But he showed them all when finished every last one of those eggs. Then there was the fact that he ran away three different times. Even though he was caught the first two times he still never gave up trying to fight conformity. The main way that he fought this conformity was by speaking out to the warden. When he asks the warden "Why have you been so good to me?" it shows that he still has a will to fight. The last time that he runs away Dragline decides to go with him. They end up seemingly escaping so Luke decides to split up and go into a church. This last for about ten minutes before Dragline comes running back to Luke to tell him the cops found them. ...read more.


Instead he tries to make a deal with Luke and the cops trying to get Luke to come back peacefully. Dragline has the mentality that if you follow all of the rules set in society then life goes by easier, while Luke's mentality is that life is best when you do not conform. These two different sides of conformity between Luke and Dragline that create the plot of Cool Hand Luke. The greatest example of all is when Luke is killed in the end. The cops give Luke the option to come outside peacefully. Instead he goes up to the window and says the famous line, "What we have hear is a failure to communicate". He is immediately shot down by the guards and killed. But he never stops giving that Big Ole' Luke Smile even to the very end. And for this reason Luke has never and will never conform to society. ...read more.

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