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Creationism vs Evolutionism

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Creationism vs Evolution Creationism is the belief humanity, life, Earth, and the universe were all created by God, and it is also the belief in the Bible. There are many different arguments as to where exactly humans and the land they walked on came from. Did we evolve from monkeys or was there actually a god that created us all? Everyone has their own belief; mine is in creationism. As I said, creationism is the belief in, basically, the Bible. There are so many different opinions and arguments as to if it should be taught in public schools. ...read more.


How will people understand and think about their beliefs if they don't learn both sides of the argument? I believe both should be taught, also, so people can become a bit more educated, even if they don't believe in either side. The more you learn, the more knowledge you have, and the more knowledge you have, the more knowledge you are able to attain and share. Now, many people might argue my points. Why should anyone have to learn religion in school if he or she could just go to church to learn about creationism, God, Jesus, and the Bible; very good counter on their part. ...read more.


The United States is based on the belief, "In God We Trust." I'm not saying that everyone needs to believe in God. Who am I to tell you what to believe in? Everyone should just be entitled to their own beliefs, much like the constitution says - everyone has "freedom of religion." However, how can we truly know what those beliefs are if we don't know what the possibilities are. Therefore, I believe that creationism should be taught in public and private schools. Since evolution and creationism both can't be completely proven, I think everyone has the right to learn about them - what they are and the theories behind them - to decide what they truly believe in. Children are already learning about evolution, so why not allow them to lean about creationism too? ...read more.

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