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creative story writing

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She Never Lies The whole room goes silent. This is what I've been waiting for. See this is what its like at my school, to fit in you either act yourself and if that's good enough you're lucky, if not some serious sucking up is to be done. And that's what Joanne did. I, myself, I'm an outgoing, semi-confident girl and I care about how I look and appear towards others. Basically I just like to have fun. Now Joanne and I are in the same class and have a bit of a giggle now and then. We are essentially best friends. Well we used to be anyway. Right, I'll start from the beginning; Joanne was just a shy, self-conscious girl who underestimated herself but was perfect how she was because all her friends, including me, loved her very much. Then they came along. Basically they are the other people in our drama club. Most of them are older than we are and most of us have fun and fit in as we are, she would as well if she didn't think she had to change herself to be 'accepted'. I'll explain to you what she does, especially around older guys. See when she's around guys she forgets that any of her girly friends exist and it's just like she thinks she doesn't need us around them, just because she likes being the centre of attention. ...read more.


This will be interesting. The summer was great just my friends and I. Obviously that didn't include Joanne, she was way too busy 'doing drama' or whatever excuse she could think of. We all knew she was with them. In the end, we just didn't bother calling her to meet up because we knew she would have other arrangements. A few days before the party some of the drama guys asked me, Lucy and some others if we wanted to meet up. They said that it was important plus they hadn't seen us in ages, but we soon realised that was just a white lie to get us to come out. So naturally we accepted and went to the park. It was fun hanging out with everyone again, Friday was looking better and better to me. After I got home from my fun and exhausting day, I find that I am ambushed by texts and calls from Joanne. She was having a go at me for going out with 'her' friends without her. I just ignored her because I thought she was being a bit of a hypocrite to be honest, and by that time I'd had enough. The deal looked more promising by the minute. ...read more.


The bomb had been set off. Once she started she couldn't stop. She thought the girls were bitchy and annoying, and obviously not as good looking as her. The boys were mainly fit but full of themselves and have massive egos. So basically, she doesn't like anyone there. Although she surprised me when she said the only people she did like were the girls in her year, i.e. my friends and I, and of course she liked Daniel. She explained that she only hung around with the older guys because she was just a tad bit desperate!! I couldn't wait until the next day. For the next few days I have to say Joanne was hated by nearly everyone. I felt quite bad about what me and Lucy did, telling everyone Joanne was evil. In some ways though I'm happy because she's started to go back to her old self when she didn't know the drama club, now everyone gets to be friends with the real her. Not that the older people want to be, that would be just me and the girls. After a month or so the drama club started to warm up to Joanne and her normal self. Future parties will never be able to live up to the drama from that party, it was proper immense. I suppose that's what drama is all about, isn't it?! By Alex Smith ...read more.

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