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creative writing

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Creative Writing Plan Type of writing: Story Plot This is the story of a homeless man fed up with his life. It is set in winter. After one year of sleeping rough, he feels like there is nothing left for him in this world and so he is going to take control of the only thing he can, he is going to commit suicide. After returning from the shop with a bottle of bleach, he finds a girl sat in his doorway. She is unlike anything he's ever seen. He finds himself in love with her after this one meeting. He is a changed man and decides maybe everything will turn out fine in his life. Paragraph Breakdown Paragraph 1 : Opening to story. Sets the initial outline and sets the scene. States that he's been sleeping rough for a year now and that tonight is his one-year anniversary but this night is going to be his last. Use chiasmus. Paragraphs 2, 3 & 4: Description of what he has and what he can see. Use three point lists, rhetorical question, metaphor and adjectives. Paragraph 5: Description of what he looks like. Use similes, metaphors and three point lists. Paragraph 6 : Plans for death Paragraph 7 : What it's like being homeless in the daytime. Use three-point list simile and metaphor Paragraphs 8 & 9 : What other people think of homeless people. In particular people who go to nightclubs. Use three-pint list, simile, alliteration and sentence structure. Paragraph 10 : The rain. Use onomatopoeia, three-point list and metaphor. Paragraph 11 : Description of night-time. Use three-point list, metaphor. Paragraph 12 : Describe the cold. Use simile, personification and one-word sentence. Paragraph 13 : Describe hunger felt. Use simile, metaphors, alliteration and one-word sentence. Paragraph 14 : Describes loneliness. Use three-point list, personification and one-word sentence. Paragraphs 15, 16, 17 & 18 : Going to shop to purchase bleach. ...read more.


Now I realise maybe instead of that, it is actually God's tears, each unforgiving drop shed for every sinful act committed in his once perfect world. The nights are always the worst. I am so cold, so hungry and even more lonely. Every night is worse than the last. I'm not now strong enough to do this any more. I look up to the dark winters' sky, which was as empty as I feel inside. Cold. I don't think that's an adequate word to describe how I feel. My lips have turned an icy blue, my face as white as a ghost. It's so cold even the trees are shivering right down to their roots. I often watch them. The cold wind gripping the trees tight with an iron vice. They are naked, stripped of their leaves by the almighty gale. Hunger. I have only memories of food. I remember the succulent smell of home cooked dinner, made with warmth and love. My stomach rumbles like a prowling tiger as the chip-shop door opens. The mouth-watering aroma hits me in the face and floods my nostrils. I am so hungry my bones ache and I can feel my stomach dying, pining for just one chip. I can feel the bittersweet sensation of the grease laden potato in my mouth, the texture as light as a cloud. Loneliness. How often I wish for someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to understand. At least in the day there are people around, but at night my only company are the stars. And then it hits me. I have decided how it will happen. It is time. I slowly get up from my doorway, and stumble towards the local corner shop. My legs have suddenly turned into jelly and are buckling under the weight of my wiry frame. I find myself in the shop, clasping a bottle of bleach, with thoughts spinning round in my head making me feel disorientated. ...read more.


It makes the reader more interested. Instead of always doing the same size sentences I have tried to vary lengths and in some occasions have used just one word in a sentence. An example of this is 'Turned into the devil by alcohol. Ironically, the women are often dressed in ridiculous red horns, tail and trident. It nearly makes me laugh. Nearly.' I have also used sentence structure to vary the pace and the mood of the story. 'She is my guardian angel. Send from above to save me. She is flawless. The way she looks. The way she speaks. They way she smiles. The way she makes me feel. I have never felt this way before. I feel alive. My body shaking with adrenaline. My heart beating like a pounding drum. My head is racing. I am dizzy with hysteria. She is perfect. More than words could describe. And then it hits me. I'm in love. True love.' I have used all short sentences in this paragraph. This is to make the pace quicker and to show the homeless man is feeling different and gives an entirely different mood to this bit of the story. Following on from that, I have also used monosyllabic sentences. 'And then it hits me. I'm in love. True love.' This is when all the words only contain one syllable. It is used to make it simple to the reader the facts. It isn't fussy or complicated and just shows that he is in love. If it was in a more cluttered sentence this fact may be missed. I have also used anaphora in my story. This is when you repeat the same few words to give it rhythm and to remind the reader of the other bits and to connect the story. An example of this is 'And then (I see her, she smiles, she speaks, we touch) I have use this device to connect the paragraphs together by given it a common start. Katie Whitehurst Mr Lane - 1 - ...read more.

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