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Dear Diary

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Saturday, April 16, 2000 09:05 P.M. GMT Dear Diary, Apa's drinking has gotten out of control. Last night, I walked home from the library after a study session at Amanda's for final exams. I call for Uhmma when I walk inside the house. Instead, Apa was standing in the middle of the living with a hand on his hip, when he should be at his only remaining gardening job. I lied and told him that I was studying at the library. He told me I was lying; he said he saw me with that American girl, Amanda. ...read more.


I could hear the clashing of pots and pan hit the tile floor in the kitchen. I hear Uhmma's cries for help. I started to pray to God to stop all the madness, but when I heard Uhmma shriek again I realized I needed to save her life before Apa killed her. I dialed the numbers nine one one and I heard a woman's voice at the other end saying hello. I told her to send help ASAP because my father was killing my mother. The police, fire department, and ambulance arrived a few moments later. ...read more.


Uhmma and I did not talk during the car ride home. Uhmma and I went down to the police station this morning to get Apa. She honked the car horn when she saw Apa walking out the police station. Apa looked past us and got into the car behind us. We have not heard from Apa at all today. Uhmma and I have not talked to each at all today either. I hope we will speak again. I did it to save Uhmma's life, not to be mean. Uhmma is very worried too. She has been sitting by the telephone all day, and has been pacing. I just fear for the worst. Please God, find Apa and help him get back to normal. Sincerely, Young Ju ...read more.

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