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Democracy is a far more cumbersome form of government than dictatorship, discuss.

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Democracy is a far more cumbersome form of government than dictatorship. PLAN: Democracy Dictatorship More popular more free market economy * competition * profits * luxury goods/ goods in demand get produced * however some may be unemployed * only few can afford important services- education, health care * uncontrolled economic booms and recessions * Monopolies * low/ non existent taxes Planned economy: * employment * less incentive to work * lack of profit motive * control over production and regulation of monopolies irrational voters: * bias * little knowledge * easily misled * vote-buying * slow governance- unilateral decisions political instability eg. most of the america's. eg. Islamic state Points to remember: Take one point and stand by it. 5 paragraphs- intro, 2nd strongest point, weakest point, strongest point, conclusion Intro- anecdotes and quotes 2nd strongest point- irrational voters Weakest- political instability Strongest- free market economy Conclusion Essay: "Yes we can. ...read more.


His positive demeanour and his convincing biography won tremendous support from the public. He reached out to donors via the correct media, the internet, in an age of technology, he managed to capture and sustain the interest of his target audience. Once he was established, and earned loyalty, he used appropriate campaigns to win over the masses. With his panache and quick thinking, he won all the ill-informed voters to his side. The public is vulnerable, and the marketing of the candidate, rather than their suitability for being the president wins votes. In many countries, the governments pay the public, or reduce taxes before elections to win votes, and the public almost always vote for them. Sudan, an African democratic nation is suffering civil war on the grounds of politics. ...read more.


Firms also form monopolies to exploit customers. Many of the people are unemployed in these countries in comparison to communist countries, resulting in a low standard of living for the nation. There are disparities caused on the basis of the prosperity of a person. Sometimes, essential services such as education, defence, water supplies can only be enjoyed by the wealthy, and the poor cannot afford to buy the services as they privately owned and have higher costs. To sum it up, democracy is device which allows us to be governed far worse than we deserve. People elect a man most suitable to get blamed for all the wrong decisions, criticize him, and re-elect another scapegoat. The majority make decisions, about which they are ignorant and have to deal with all the bad decisions they make. Why not allow the more knowledgeable to take that decision single-handedly, making life less burdensome on the people of the nation? ...read more.

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